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How to Attract a Woman – 4 Crazy Ideas That Will Make Her Enjoy Being With You

If you want to learn how to attract a woman, then you have to learn how to make her enjoy being with you. Having a good relationship doesn’t have to be serious all the time. It will only make your relationship colorless. If you don’t know how to play games or what games to play with a woman then you should start learning now. I mean seriously, playing games will literally spice up your relationship so don’t forget to include it in your system.

Here are some basic relationship games that you can start or experiment with:

Play Jokes with Her

Playing with jokes is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do with your partner. When you’re telling jokes about her, make it childish but not to the point of being hurtful.

You can be creative here. There are lots of jokes on the net, you can research some and then send some through text or email. Making her laugh once in a while will make her more comfortable with you.

Do Silly and Childish Stuff

Who said you can’t act like a child anymore? Surprise her by spraying her face with water and play water tag. Get a masking tape and write a silly word like “nerd” or “fat girl” then put it behind her arms. Have the right timing. Don’t do it when she’s mad or really busy doing something important. Surprise her with right timing and see the look of her face.

The Dressing Game

The dressing game is where you dress your partner and vice versa. You can play this game by wearing the clothes you give to one another and have a date outside. This can be a silly game but you can make it really fun for her if you know how to. The one who quits will get a consequence like paying for the food that you will eat. Dress her like it’s Halloween!

The Board Game with Spinning Wheel

You can have a weekly activity with your partner with this game. Grab a board game with a spinning wheel then put a different romantic activity to each section. Then play with it every week to know what kind of activity you will have in that week.

You have to learn how to enjoy life if you want to learn how to attract a woman.

There are a lot of different relationship games that you can play with her. Be creative and think of other things that can help you enjoy one another. Always remember to have fun with your relationship because it is one of the most vital elements of a good couple.

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