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How To Be Rich By Acting Rich?

Whether or not you can be rich all comes from within you rather than around you. It is what you choose and act upon that gradually attracts money to you rather than the other way round. This is what internet guru Stephen Pierce said as a guest speaker at an exclusive live 7 Figure seminar by his former student Mike Fulsaime in 2007.

With that said, what you will be learning is a simple yet powerful way of attracting wealth and prosperity faster than you or anyone else could imagine.

Imagine if you had $100,000 in your bank account today whether it is your winnings, profits or even a share of your inheritance, what difference will it make to your life? Do not just see it. But feel as if you are already experiencing the luxuries and affordability to settle bills.

Do you see yourself driving your dream car? Which model and color do you prefer? Take a seat and enjoy the air-conditioning. Turn on the in-built CD radio player and listen to your favourite music. Experience the joy of driving it towards your favourite place or with your loved ones?

Or perhaps you can imagine living in a mansion. How does it feel like to live in a 2 or even 3 storey house? Or having the experience of being with many rooms and maids serving you. Take a relaxing shower in a bath tub or swimming pool. Workout in your custom gym or aerobics style room. Best of all, watch your favourite movies or TV in a movie theatre style room with large 3D LCD screen and row of sofas.

Best of all, take a vacation once every 2 weeks or longer. Go to any country you want without worrying the costs. Whether it is Asia, Europe, Middle East or USA, you name it and simply pay the air fare. Take the first class flight or luxury five star cruise. Not just with your loved ones but with your girlfriend as well.

Or imagine yourself at a friend’s party or fashion show. Think of how many beautiful women – including supermodels – will be drawn and attracted to you.

The important point here is to believe that you are already rich. By doing this mental exercise, you will be unleashing and channeling the powers of subconsciousness towards what you always dream of.

But do not end there. Make it more effective by taking a deep and slow breathe while still hanging on your thoughts of being rich. Finally, give thanks to God. For by being grateful, you will be graciously accepting his blessings and powers to work in your favour.

Finally take action and make your dreams your reality.

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