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How to Choose the Best Beach Maternity Wedding Dress

Are you looking for beach maternity wedding dresses as you search for inspiration for your destination wedding? Well… you are in luck! There are plenty of options today for beach casual wedding dresses… even for pregnant brides-to-be! All you need to do is make the right choice depending on where your ceremony will take place. One big advantage of weddings abroad is the price of beach maternity wedding dresses! As they are usually informal and lightweight they are often much cheaper than regular wedding dresses.

Top tips for choosing beach maternity wedding dresses

Where are you planning to get married? On a beach itself? Or in the garden / chapel of your hotel? Let the location of your beach wedding influence the style of beach wedding dress you choose. The key to success is finding the most appropriate, comfortable outfit to celebrate your big day in

How to choose Beach Maternity Wedding Dresses for a Wedding On The Beach Itself

Do you fancy a very relaxed, casual look for your maternity beach wedding? Or are you hoping to find something a little more traditionally ‘weddingy’. If the weather is going to be very warm… or hot… it’s best to stick to lightweight, natural fabrics for your comfort. Less is definitely more with a beach wedding… and white is THE most flattering colour for your touch-of-sun look!

Sand and heels just don’t work! Luckily there are so many pretty sandals and flip flops to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. And if your feet have swollen up with your pregnancy, flat wedding shoes or sandals will be so comfortable… you can even get them in wide-width today and no one will be any the wiser! Going bare foot is terribly romantic, but do check how hot the sand will be… and that it’s safe and pleasant to walk on too!

Trains and veils are much better suited to formal ceremonies as are extravagant, heavily decorated dresses which are likely to be too hot to cope with. If you really want a veil, you might be wise to go for something short and ethereal. Fresh pretty white cotton or jersey maternity dresses, are gorgeous and perfect for your maternity wedding. And you can wear them again and again after your big day! If you’re looking for a super-casual but stylish look and you have great legs, why not team a classy maternity swimsuit with a pretty sarong? It’s a very cute look.

Maternity Weddings Near the Beach

Maybe you’re planning for your wedding to be outdoors, in a lovely spot close to a beach? You can still choose to go casual or you can opt for a beach maternity wedding dress that’s just a touch more formal White maternity bridesmaid dresses are a good, budget-friendly alternative to ornate wedding gowns and their light, fresh styling works beautifully for an informal wedding. A floaty dress, like the totally gorgeous Sparkle maternity dress from Crave Maternity, or a crisp elegant classic like the Riviera-chic cotton Monaco maternity dress from Isabella Oliver, prove that a relaxed approach to your clothes doesn’t have to mean compromising on style.

Don’t forget that choosing natural fabrics in white or light shades will help you to keep cool and feel fresh all day long! Remember to choose your wedding shoes with care! Many pregnant women suffer from swollen feet or ankles… especially when temperatures rise! It’s pretty uncomfortable and worth trying to prevent!

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