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How to Get a Busy Guy to Show Interest in Me Again – Tips to Make Him Focus on You Alone

You know that he likes you and would want to date you, but he seems sidetracked by the hundred and one things he always has to do. Are you finding yourself in the arena competing and vying with his job for his attention? Here are some exciting ways in which you can make him focus on you again.

Plant yourself in his path

It could be that he needs to look at you and notice how gorgeous you are. You are not going to make an impression sitting in the background and hoping he sees you. Plant yourself in his path and engineer meetings where he will be forced to get an eyeful! Once you notice him looking you can subtly flirt etc.

Look better than ever

Maybe in the past you did not look sexy and appealing enough for him to dump the work and pursue you. It is up to you to change all that. Look even more gorgeous and sexy so that he wonders if you are the same girl. Look fabulous and dress elegantly so that he will look forward to feasting his eyes on you again.

Make his colleagues praise you

One way of getting him to notice you and show interest in you is to catch the eye of his colleagues. Become popular and get them to chase and praise you. Once you become the talk of the town, he is bound to hear interesting things about you and will want to see for himself!

Make contact but flutter away just when he shows interest

Being a social butterfly is one thing and though it keeps the eyes of the guys on you, it is important to know when to flutter away and keep him guessing and curios or when to settle! Just when you notice him staring at you and checking you out, hanging on to your every word and trying to get your attention, you should smile sweetly but treat him in a casual manner. This will make him try hard to get you.

Invite him in a manner that he can’t resist

It would be great if you can lure him over to your place or get him to go out with you. After you have caught his attention and made him very curious about you, all you have to do is dress up in such a manner that you look cute, sexy and desirable. No man will be able to resist your invitation which should be delivered with a sexy smile!

Make him want to chase you because you seem unavailable

The best way to get him interested in you again is to show him that you are not interested in him any more. The more he tries to get your attention, the more you should let him know that you are busy and maybe would be free the next weekend!

Make waves in the social world

The more people talk about a woman in a positive way, the more exciting she becomes. He will remember that he did date you at one time and it might occur to him that he could get YOU interested in HIM if he tried harder! Become popular and “in demand” and he will be hooked.

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