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How to Know If the Guy Has Special Feelings for You! Discover If You Are Really Special to Him

It takes a bit of intuition and common sense to know and recognize signs that tell you that a guy has special feelings for you. If you have not been heeding that gut feeling you have of late, then take a look at these tips that will help you know if you mean something to him.

Watch his behavior around you
You should watch how he behaves around you. His mannerisms and attitude while you are around will definitely give him away. He will either act shy and nervous around you or he might try to show you that he is the most impressive alpha male you have encountered in the recent past! Either way he will single you out and shower you with his attention!

Does he go out of his way to impress you?
Have you noticed how he has been strutting around like a peacock of late? He will do his best to make you see how attractive he is, how accomplished and talented he is etc. Impressing you will be the most important item on his agenda and you will be able to recognize the signs of his adoration very soon.

He will make sure you come first
If you have begun to feel really special and loved when he is around – it is because he has feelings for you. No guy will go out of his way to make you feel special and cared for unless he has deep feelings for you. He will make sure you are comfortable and even run errands for you!

He will find nothing wrong in what you do or say
Suddenly you will find that you have yourself a champion! As soon as he realizes that you mean something to him, he will start to see the best in you. He will love the way you dress, do your hair etc and before you know it he will be spouting praises for you! Nothing you say or do will seem wrong to him and he will adore every little thing about you.

He will hang out with you more
Gone are the days when you find that you are lonesome and blue! He will suddenly show you how much he wants to hang out with you and enjoy your company. This is because he has started to have feelings for you and wants to build a relationship with you. The more time he spends with you the more it will prove that he likes you.

He will call you even if it just to hear your voice
If he has started to regard you as someone more than just a buddy, then he will want to have more contact with you. Don’t be surprised if he begins to call you more often. Sometimes you will find he has called you for silly reasons! Calling you up is just an excuse to talk to you and hear your lovely voice!

He will want to do things for you
As soon as he starts doing little special things for you it shows that he cares about you. You will find him being tender and caring towards you. He will want to prove his love for you and will stop at nothing to do that! Every time you have the slightest problem or need you will find him eager to help you.

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