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How to Make Sure You Keep Safe and Do Not Drown

Water signifies a very sublime form of death. It is the death by drowning. Many people lose their life every year by drowning in water. A recent data provided by the international Life Saver’s Federation (ILSF) shows that every year around 800,000 people around the world lose their life by drowning in water.

Not only non-swimmers, but many expert swimmers have also been known to have lost their life in drowning. In fact, approximately one fourth of the people who drown were known to be good swimmers of the water. The recently concluded survey of ILSA also came up with some other very interesting facts; a proper understanding of which may enable us to understand the basic precautionary steps to prevent drowning.

Drowning may occur due to one of the many following reasons. Apart from the inability to swim the main reasons behind drowning are not being able to swim because of a muscle cramp or very cold water, carelessness on part of the swimmers, falling back from the boat and getting hit by it and being carried away by a very strong current. Also, there are some very peculiar reasons like in Finland, where yearly more than 50 accidents happen because of the inability of car drivers to judge the thickness of ice, which breaks under the weight of the car.

Statistics also point out that vast majority of the drowning accidents happen in open water like lakes, seas and rivers. Private swimming pools are not out of the drowning list too. Actually, twenty percent of all the drowning mishaps occur in private swimming pools.

Another pretty weird fact about drowning is that four out of every ten such fatal accidents occur within two meters of the shore or the pool side. A twenty five percent of total drowning incidents have occurred in shallow depths of one meter or less.

If certain precautions are taken, then such mishaps can be declined considerably. This part of the article intends to outline the necessary precautions that can stop such accidents from occurring. First, is to wear a life jacket. Not only non swimmers, even expert swimmers must not forgo the importance of life jackets. Take care to be extra careful about the children.

Children must always be accompanied by the attention from a guardian, and they must be made to wear life jackets even when they are at a small pool like a private swimming pool. It has been found that approximately one quarter of the people do not carry life jackets on their boat! Special attention should also be given to older people when they get into the water.

Do not swim when drunk. Alcohol particularly affects the judgment in a wrong direction and the swimmer is more prone to take a wrong decision when drunk, thus putting his and others lives in great peril. Care should also be taken while swimming in the dark, because in dark there is more risk of getting hit on the head by a floating boat or buoy.

That much about drowning, thankfully there are highly trained professional people known as lifesavers, who save a large number of lives every year. The ILSF estimates over 1,000,000 rescues made by federation certified lifeguards and lifesavers around the world.

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