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How to Make Your Daughter’s Prom Special

When your Daughter is of a young age, one of the best days of her life can be Prom day. She probably doesn’t see far ahead to her wedding day and she will think that she gets to be a princess for a night, at her prom.

This will be something that she has been looking forward to, her entire life, so you have to make sure that this is special for her, especially if she has been an amazing student.

If she has high grades and a brilliant reputation in school, this can be the way that you show her that all of her hard work has paid off. If you make prom night special for her, she will remember it for the rest of her life and she will be more likely to work even harder in her following years of school and then college.

If you are thinking that you want to make your Daughter’s prom night special, read on for some tips and how to make it more affordable for you.


The first thing that she is going to think about is her dress. You will know the year that she is going to have her prom, so at the beginning of that year, start saving up for the dress and anything else that she might need.

In the build up to prom, you should take her out to look at dresses. You could turn this into a Mother/Daughter day, with trying on dresses, and going to get lunch. You could even take her out to have her nails done. She will love it and she will feel like you are pampering her. This will be an opportunity for you to bond further with her.

When you are in the dress shop, it is important not to embarrass her. You should have enough money saved up that she could have any dress she wanted. Even so, you should put her on a budget, for less than you have. That way, if she sees a dress that is more expensive, you can draw it out a little bit and make sure she knows that this is a massive thing, that you are giving her.

If you just give into her straight away, she will think that she can get anything out of you and she will go over the top. If you turn her down on the spot, or chastise her in the store, then she will get embarrassed.

Once the dress is sorted out, it is time to move onto transportation.

Limo Service

On prom night, it is important that your daughter feels like a princess for the night. She is not going to feel like that if you drop her off in your ‘soccer-mom’ people carrier.

Therefore, you should look into hiring a limo service for her transportation to and from the prom venue. This can be a bit expensive, but it will be worth it because some limo companies actually have a special service for prom customers.

If you are not sure if you can afford it, you should speak to her date’s parents and see if they are willing to chip in for the cost of the limo. If they say yes, but you still don’t have the money, then you can see if her friend’s parents want to chip in for the limo too and she can go to the prom with all of her friends and their dates.

She might actually prefer that option since she will have a good time with her friends and she can show off her dress. She will love it.

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