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How to Seduce a Guy Without Showing Skin! Here is How to Easily Tease Him Really Fast

A lot of women feel that it’s impossible to seduce a guy without showing skin. But the truth is far removed from this. If you want to know how to seduce a guy without showing skin then read on.

Show a little, save a little
It’s all about rationing. When you reveal too much to a guy then his interest in you doesn’t stay for long. Instead what you should try to do is give him a glimpse of your favorite asset such as your legs but cover the rest. Don’t go overboard in skin show.

Look radiant and touchable
The key to seduction lies in looking touchable. So make sure that your skin is glowing and the exposed parts of your body glisten as well. A fresh face complemented by smoky eyes and luscious kissable lips in a sexy dress is all that you need to seduce a man. And by sexy we mean well fitted.

Play the 21st century version of ‘hard to get’
Playing hard to get in the 21st century has got a new meaning altogether. It helps a great deal in looking a little unattainable and mysterious. But he needs to know that you are interested in him. Not replying to his questions or ignoring him isn’t the right approach for you. Instead play along teasing him.

Make interesting conversation but don’t dig too deep
Seduction is an art where conversation plays a very powerful role. Make sure that your conversations are engaging and entertaining but always seem a little distant. Take an interest in him but don’t dig too deep or reveal too much about yourself to him.

Learn to flirt first and then weave in the seduction
Flirt with your man first. Flirting makes the man you are with special and makes him want to be around you. You can say flirting prepared him for seduction. Once you have flirted with him get the process of seduction started by introducing a sexual current.

Make the air tingle with sexual possibility
When you are trying to seduce a man you need to make him see that there is a sexual possibility around. So make the air around you such. Demonstrate that you are aware of this possibility and that will have an effect that no short dresses can provide.

Talk enigmatically in hushed low tones
Your tone also plays a very big role in your seduction process. So learn to talk enigmatically in low hushed tones to draw him closer to you and make him feel your presence as close to him as possible.

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