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How to Select the Best Salon for Your Bridal Makeup

1. You should not solely rely on salon advertisements and its punch-lines blindly. You may consult your close friends or colleagues, when it comes to choosing the right parlor for your marriage-makeup.

2. You should not get swept away by just looking at the lavish decoration or outer embellishments of a salon. It is important to keep other factors in mind such as; cleanliness arrangements, technical facilities and service quality, provided in a parlor to select the best one.

3. To be on a safer side, it is advisable visit the parlor with extra time in-hand. Beauty services done in hurry seldom emerge as good, and make you create a wrong notion about the concerned salon in your mind, which is not fair too.

4. Choose a parlor according to your personality – the one which understands your opinions and views too in an amicable way. This understanding between both will help you avail to their service in a better way.

5. Though it is important to keep your budget in mind while choosing a salon, but if splurging a bit more gives you a chance to look like a ‘celebrity bride’, there isn’t any harm in doing that – after all marriage happens only once in a lifetime.

6. Please keep in mind that your chosen salon observes cleanliness and neatness before and during the services. Scrutinize if they use fresh towels, head-bands, combs along with sterilized blades and needles; as repeated usage of these items can lead to infections and can be otherwise dangerous too.

7. Check for the availability of an Expert Consulting Doctor in the salon, as besides the aesthetic aspect (skin and hair), he will also take over your diet regime and suggest you a diet plan that will not only maintain your weight but infuse a healthy and natural glow on you too.

8. Look out for the one which is technology-savvy and hence uses advanced and latest equipment for beauty treatments. Treatments such as; Laser, Derma Abrasion needs specific equipment which has to be there for their implementation.

9. You should examine if they keep and use quality cosmetic products which suits you and cause no harm. As, usage of cheap and low-cost beauty products may hamper your skin and hair both, which is not acceptable.

10. Last, but not the least. It is recommended to choose a salon with expert skin, hair and fashion consultants not to lag behind in any aspect of your nuptials; be it choosing the best wedding trousseau, latest jewellery, suitable makeup for your skin or perfect hair-do. These specialists make sure to endow you with the best of all for you to realize your ‘dream-wedding’.

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