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How to Tell If Your Chanel Sunglasses Are Genuine


If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Most Chanel sunglasses will retail for around £200 (some significantly more, others slightly less). If you see them advertised for significantly less than this, you should be wary of that particular shop. Think beyond that shop, where did these sunglasses come from? They were bought from the wholesaler, who has little room to move on price. If the wholesaler gives them to one shop very cheaply, other shops will complain.

Authenticity Certificate

This one can only really be verified if you have the sunglasses (and the authenticity certificate) to hand. If you are buying from eBay, it is fairly simple to use a picture of a genuine pair of Chanel’s and send out a fake pair. However, in order to be sure upon receipt of your sunglasses, each authentic Chanel model should come with the following items:

The sunglasses themselves

A microfibre pouch

A hard case

A Chanel warranty card

A Certificate of Authenticity

A cardboard, Chanel-branded box

Serial Number

Genuine Chanel sunglasses will have a serial number visible on the left lens, near the edge. It will be written vertically and be of the form “xx1234567”. The arms of the sunglasses should contain the model and colour code, (e.g. 5205 7143) arm length, and bridge size. Searching the Internet for that model number is a good idea, look for the same model and colour combination on a reputable eyewear website.

General Quality

You can learn a lot about the authenticity of your Chanel sunglasses simply by looking at them. Check the logo – the back-to-back ‘C’ detail should be clear, symmetrical and perfectly smooth. The arm of the glasses should state “Made in Italy” and show the ‘CE’ European safety mark. You can also feel the general quality of the sunglasses – does the plastic feel ‘cheap’ and brittle? Do the hinges match up perfectly, or is there a lot of give in them?

Other things to look out for

Has the picture of the glasses (if buying online) been taken by the seller (or shop), or is it a generic one taken from another website? You can check this with a quick Google image search of the model number and colour code. If buying from a website, does the site have a physical address listed on the site? Less reputable sites will not list their address, or they will hide behind the safety a P.O. box.

Hopefully, these guidelines will prevent you from buying fake Chanel sunglasses. To be certain you have bought the genuine article, bring them in to any well-respected opticians and usually they will be more than happy to verify their authenticity.

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