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How to Use Keywords Effectively For Online Writing

Effectively using keywords for online writing is important for many reasons, but most importantly for driving traffic to the website that displays your article or blog. If you are wondering how to use keywords effectively when you write an article or blog, here are a few tips that are great for beginners who just want to know the basic nuts and bolts of keyword writing.

Write naturally

Assuming you already have chosen your keyword, you should determine to write naturally about the subject that includes that particular word or combination words. While it’s hard for online marketers to simply write for people and not for search engines, in effect, when you write for online readers you are basically writing well for search engines. Algorithms and other technical requirements for finding searched topics have changed over the years and it is no longer efficient or wise to stuff your keywords unnaturally into an article or blog. Search engines are smarter and can ‘read’ more like real people, so when you write for them you are already writing for search engines.

Use keywords only a few times

If you write about a subject naturally, you generally will only refer to the keyword a few times anyway. But if you need to know an exact count that is recommended today for effective online writing, generally placing a keyword in the first 3-4 words of your first sentence, 1 or 2 times within the body and 1 time in the conclusive sentence is really all you should need. This will not alert search engines to possible spamming and it will provide a much more readable piece of writing for both people and SEO purposes.

How to use long tail keywords in an article

If you are involved in internet marketing or other business ventures that just require you to use long tailed keywords that are 3 or more words long, it can be a challenge to write a natural flowing article or blog without appearing to be contrived. While it is true that some keywords are simply ‘backwards’ in the way they are presented which makes it hard to make any sentence sound natural, really work at developing the grammatical structure of a sentence that includes an insanely hard keyword. This will produce a much more natural sounding sentence that will not drive readers away by appearing to be slapped together by a spammer.

Length of Article

The recommended length of article for both website and article directories is generally around 400-500 words. Longer is always better than shorter, so be sure to write enough good material so that readers and search engines will find your material.

Write Quality Content

Be sure to actually write competently and with quality in mind for online readers. While web writing is not generally known for artsy prose, but rather is known as the information highway, be sure to provide helpful information every time you write. At least include one nugget of truth, advice or information in every article or blog with the proper keywords positioned effectively for the online audience.

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