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Hula Girl Birthday Party Supplies For a Hula of a Party

Ready for a birthday party like you’ve never known before? Hula Girl birthday party supplies can turn a dull get together into an island of joy. You can take all the cares of the world and stash them away when you select the finest Hula Girl birthday party accessories.

Everything you need is in one convenient package. The Hula Girl Deluxe Pack will make your Polynesian party something the guests will talk about long afterward. And you barely had to lift a finger. Or, pick the Basic Pack and add on individual items to tailor your party just the way you want.

Use Hula Girl plates and cups for the cake and milk. Let the island décor lull you into a laid-back mood. Set out Hula Girl napkins and cover the table with a tablecloth. Set the cake down right next to the centerpiece. She’ll watch out over everything while you put your feet up for a few minutes.

Once the guests arrive reward each one with a Favor Box. Inside they’ll find a coin purse that will hold all the little treasures you scatter around. Those gold coins you found on the treasure hunt? Done. The pearls you discovered in the cove? Right there. Bury them all and make a map with the Gel Pen and lovely Flower Notepad.

After cake, get ready to open the Hula Girl Pinata. It’s 22″ high and with a shake it will release a waterfall of wonderful treasures. When the tropical rainstorm of toys and candy come tumbling down there will be shouts of joy. Sit back and take a few photos of the torrent of happiness.

After the tropical rainstorm of goodies, you can slip into your very own Hula Girl Adult costume to bring in the birthday presents. It features an easy-to-wash grass skirt and ruffled top, trimmed with a floral lei waistband, bracelet and headband.

Make a match with your birthday girl by getting her a Hula Girl costume of her own. It features a nylon-spandex bikini top and bottom, plus a hula skirt. Finish the look with the lei necklace and bracelet and watch her dance the dance of eternal joy.

Decorate the party room with the 6-foot inflatable Palm Tree. Sitting peacefully in the corner, you can even attach a few Mylar balloons or hang some leis off its sturdy branches. Provide everyone with a Straw Hat and they will mellow out in the shade. Let them drink some juice out of a great Hula Girl Cup as you strum the Coconut Ukelele.

You won’t have to worry about any tropical storms during this birthday celebration. There will only be lots of happy kids partying on your private island. Let the joy flow like lava while you kick back and say aloha to another birthday.

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