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Hyperfacebook Traffic – The Real Review

Lets take a closer look at HyperFB Traffic today, a system that promises to make $144,000 in 30 days.

If you have not been living under a rock for the past 5 years, by now you have probably heard of and are a member of Facebook.

If Facebook were a country today, it would be among the top 5 by population. It currently has a membership of 500 million users. Yes, you read that right. 500 MILLION. More than the entire population of the United States of America.

When you have such a huge captive user base with demographic details well fleshed out, it becomes obvious that they are perfect for targeted marketing. The concept that is at work is that for e.g. once you know that you have a million 16 – 25 year olds who love Nickelback (I did say its an example didn’t I?), you can quite easily deduce what other things they might like. Or at least you can take a good educated guess regarding the same. Combine this with the awesome power of customised advertising as provided by Facebook and you almost have the perfect marketing mojo at your disposal.

No surprise then that Facebook advertising has taken off in a big big way, with lots and lots of people making fantastic incomes on Facebook by promoting Fan pages, events, generating leads or even Facebook ads themselves.

And when there is an opportunity for cash to be made, you can bet that there will be programs promising to teach you how to make that cash.

Such a product that we will be taking a closer look at today is Hyper FB Traffic

Hyper FB Traffic promises to teach you how to use just a free Facebook account to help create lots of wealth for you. In typical marketing fashion, he claims to have made $144,000 dollars in 30 days only.

After taking a closer look at the product, I found that the information provided in the guides is very extensive. Again it is no substitute for knowledge that you might have gained by yourself over a long period of self research but it does help to have everything neatly outlined. The process flows provided are also quite useful and do give you a good birds eye view of the whole thing. The system is no autopilot system however and you will have to invest lots of time (as is true with any money making venture) to make a good income out of it. The big advantage of this that I can think of is that Facebook is what Google AdSense was about 5 years ago which is virgin, unexplored territory and hence a lot of potential to make substantial amount of cash.

So here is the summary of the product in brief


  • Good, detailed material in the form of videos and PDFs that you can revisit as required
  • Early mover opportunity on Facebook which can be explored a lot further
  • Process flows exceptionally useful


  • Not a product for rank beginners. Beginners would be advised to test out the waters before committing seriously to a product such as this
  • Exaggeration in amount of time investment needed

Final Verdict

Take a look at the product and buy it only if you are reasonably comfortable with Facebook and Facebook advertising.

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