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Insect Tattoos – The Best Designs Suitable For Women

Tattoos were used to be frowned by the society more especially by women. Every tattoo has different meaning in different society. Before tattoos connotes gang membership or tribal affiliation. But with the recent times it is now considered as a self expression of one’s idealism or belief, amongst other interpretations. Tattoos nowadays are the fashion trends and far more socially acceptable by everybody. It has become socially acceptable for a woman to have it despite the negative association of it. Tattoo has been set as the newest trend in fashion especially by high-profile female celebrities who are into body arts and showing them off to the world, and were followed by the young generation like crazy!

The question now is what are the best tattoo designs for women? Women were supposed to have more dainty designs like a rose or butterfly or even a name of their love one. But the desire of getting a tattoo to express themselves freely is urging them to come out in the open. More often the best tattoos suitable for women are insect tattoos.

Insect tattoos designs seems to have been the best choice of different crowd but most especially by women. Because they are cute and attractive and that they symbolize the positive attributes that most women aspire to have. All of insect tattoos designs look great on women and each insects represent their positive qualities such as freedom, warmth, love, and happiness.

But these types of designs captivate not only by women but by men as well. Different cultures feature stories and myths wherein insects play a vital role that prominently portray their good qualities and industriousness. From a simple outline to intricate design, shading, and filling insect designs gets a wide range of followers.

Insect tattoos and its designs can be drawn by combining the features of more than one bugs to create a very unique and personalized designs. Because of the versatility of these designs it can drawn the way you like it. They can be a fierce symbols of protection, brightly colored cartoons or personal images of healing, or inspiration.

The most common reasons why women are into body arts are:

* to express individuality

* for spiritual reasons

* to get over a relationship break-up or divorce

* to start/end a particular phase of her life

* to feel sexy

* to honor a relative/loved one

* to defy convention.

Here are some of the bugs and insects that are more common tattoo subjects and the best tattoo site for them:

* Beetle tattoo designs – often found on ankles or shoulders.

* Butterfly tattoo designs – can often be found on the lower back or shoulder blade.

* Dragonfly tattoo designs – can often found on the lower back or an ankle.

* Moth tattoo designs – They can be found on shoulders and the lower back.

* Ladybug tattoo designs – you will often find them on the ankle.

* Scarab tattoo designs – are often found centered on the upper or lower back.

* Ant tattoo designs – can be found crawling all over the body just as they do in real life.

* Grasshopper tattoo designs – are often found on shoulders.

* Locusts – often found on ankles and shoulders.

* Bumble Bee tattoo mark – often be found on an ankle or a lower back.

Tattoos are becoming more popular and socially acceptable in today’s generation. They are painted on the skin for the world to see.

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