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Is it Worth Buying a Wigo Flat Iron?

Many want that sleek, shiny, perfectly straight look when it comes to hair styles. Sadly, most don’t have straight hair, but that’s where flat irons come to the rescue. But with so many models out there it’s kind of hard to be sure which one is the right you. One popular, cheap brand is Wigo, but how do its flat irons rate? Should you buy or look at another brand?

Wigo flat irons are made and distributed by its parent company, Helen of Troy. In fact, you can buy Helen of Troy hair straighteners but you’ll find they’re exactly the same as Wigo. Anyhow, the company occupies the mid-price range of the market. There are those who would say that no appliance under $100 is any good but these people are often professional stylists or those who use one every day and for them buying an expensive, professional model makes sense. But for those who won’t be using one every day, spending up to $150 on one just isn’t a sensible option; far better to buy a good, reliable but cheap brand.

But, is a Wigo flat iron a good, reliable cheap brand?

On the whole, yes however some models represent better value for money than others. The company makes three models of ceramic iron. The first is called the Wigo Professional ceramic iron. The word ‘Professional’ is a misnomer as it’s the cheapest of the lot and couldn’t ever be described as a professional stylist’s iron. It comes with 1″ plates, weighs a comfortable 1.5lbs, has 12 heat variable settings between 280 – 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It also heats up in a respectable 50 seconds, has a 9 foot cord and comes with a good 3 year warranty. It costs around $50.

Many flat iron reviews are less than glowing, however most complain that the 1″ plates didn’t straighten their ‘frizzy, thick hair’ in under 20 minutes! Well, if I had that kind of hair I’d be looking to buy a 2″ version.

Which brings us to the 1 1/2″ and 2 1/4″ versions. They don’t have the prefix of professional but offer exactly the same features of the 1″ version. They cost about an additional $10.

If you’re looking to buy a ceramic flat iron I would advise you to look at another brand; the FHI flat iron (ceramic model) costs around the same and is a better appliance. Many consumer flat iron reviews give it very high praise.

Wigo also make a wet to dry flat iron, called the ‘Damp or Dry’. It retails for around $60 making it quite cheap for this type of hair straightener. You get the same temperature settings of the ceramic versions as well as cord length, heat up time and 3 year warranty. But it does differ in that the plates and grips have been ergonomically designed giving the whole appliance and nice look to it. Some have complained that the grip was anything but ergonomic but I found it to be very easy to use. I would recommend it; it’s certainly better than other cheap versions; the T3 iron would set you back $150 and the Turbo Ions costs around $100.

Finally, the company also makes a tourmaline version. It’s cheap at around $60. I really like this iron. It’s made from titanium making it very light – weighing only 0.5lbs – with the ceramic plates infused with tourmaline. The rest of the features are pretty much the same as the ceramic models. At this price I would recommend it.

In conclusion, I would avoid the ceramic versions – you can find better and for the same money. I would consider the wet to dry model and I would definitely recommend the tourmaline Wigo flat iron.

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