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Jeunique International – Honest Jenunique Business Opportunity Review

Do You Know Jeunique Beyond Its Products?

Oddly, researching about beauty company which has flagship products are bras didn’t seem to be strange to me. You see, Jeunique (pronounced as unique with a ‘J’ in the front) really was started by a gentleman in itself. Follow through this quick review before you move on to the next step in your business ventures.

1) How Did It Come About?

If you’re curious enough from the first paragraph then you’ll even be more interested with the following. A gentleman by the name of Mulford J. Nobbs founded Jeunique International, Inc. on May 1, 1959.

It was in his early years when he was serving in the army that he was told to have a chronic heart condition that stirred his passion for nutritional research. Eventually, the Hunza’s from the Himalayan mountains gave Mr. Nobbs enough knowledge to create a “natural” way of life to be shared with others.

2) Products For The Masses?

As a matter of fact, Jeunique International today has products ranges from beauty cosmetics right up to lingerie. This is why you might find most distributors touting custom fitted bras as its flagship product.

Besides just picking from a range of lingerie products, please be aware of your local store about the price tags. I mean, look at the normal price tags of your local shopping malls before deciding further.

3) Truth About The Compensation Plan

Honestly, after doing a few hours of research, it seems nearly impossible to dig up a real detailed compensation plan for you. What we can deduce is that Jeunique’s compensation plan runs on a network marketing system.

One that enables you to earn commissions based on your PV and GV (personal sale volume and group sales volume). You can earn on leadership overrides and a luxury car program.

However, something that you need to do is to continue to be a good recruiter to succeed in this opportunity. Then, you will also need to develop your network into a a “self-multiplying” organization.

Not The End

Its ultimately your choice if you want to join Jeunique International. Its products are fairly good and you can market to other ladies. Just make a conscious decision to learn more about online marketing in detail to move to the next level in profits.

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