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Kingz 550 Comp Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Review

Fighter’s Market recently sent a Kingz 550 Comp Gi for me to review. I was able to speak with Bruno, the owner of Fighter’s Market, about the other gis that they sell and about their decision to sell and market their own brand of gi. Below are my thoughts on the Kingz 550 Comp BJJ Gi.

Fit: Bruno remarked that the gi might fit me a bit different because this was their first batch. In the future, Kingz will offer my size of gi as their A3L (A3 Long) for taller athletes. The skirt was exceptionally long, but it did help my gi top from coming undone during long training sessions.

How awesome is that! I typically fit most A3 BJJ gis perfectly, so if you are around my size, 210-230 lb but taller than 6’1″, this may fit you perfectly.

Design: I really like this gi from a design perspective. The stitching is top =0notch and I wore it every training session for about a month to see if it would show any signs of wear. It didn’t. I washed it on cold and hung dry it and it didn’t shrink at all. To me, it still looks brand new.

I really love the patches on the Kingz 550 Comp BJJ Gi. They’re very clean and bold, but also very large. The company did a great job of making sure to also include the type of gi that it is (Ripstop, Kingz Light, Kingz Comp) on the leg and lower skirt patches. The patches on the shoulders really stand out and make this gi something special. I especially like the (Kingz) crown on the tip of the shoulder patches.

Jacket: The jacket on this gi fit me very long, especially in the midsection. I also like the seam taping that Kingz has used on the jacket and, like I said earlier, the shoulder patches are awesome. The lapel is thick, but that is exactly what I would expect on a 550 comp gi.

Pants: The pants on this gi are where it really shows its greatness. They are fairly thick and durable, but I didn’t feel weighed down when I was rolling. If you like the lighter style of BJJ gi pants, definitely check out their Kingz Ripstop or Kingz 420 light models which feature lighter versions of these pants. The pants include a 6 loop drawstring to make sure your gi pants never slide down.

The best part of the Kingz 550 Comp BJJ Gi is the flex panel crotch. I have only ever seen these before on Sprawl gi pants and the Hayabusa gis, so it’s very cool to find them on this gi.

Overall: This is definitely an awesome gi for the price. Kingz really shows the best aspects of all other gis and I especially appreciate the customer service from Fighter’s Market.

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