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Know the Skin You’re Wearing: Your Short Guide to Leather

Of all the materials luxury handbags are made, nothing is more classic and common than leather. It’s tough, lasts through the years, and has a premium feel to it. But with designer brands, you are given access to a plethora of leather that it can be confusing what to choose sometimes. Though animal activists would immediately burn you at the stake for even considering leather, luxury brands still continue the use of this staple yet controversial material. So if you want to get more technical to what really goes in your handbags, here are the main types of leather usually seen in your handbags.


Perhaps the most widely used material around the world, as the name suggests, comes from, you guess it, cows. But calfskin has many more types under this category. One of the most mentioned one is Saffiano leather which means that it is leather-treated with texture pressed on it in a machine. It gives the leather a noticeably opulent finish, and usually has a distinct diagonal pattern. The leather is also finished with a wax treatment. As a result, the leather is scratch resistant, durable and easy to clean. It was first ventured by Prada but many designer brands now incorporate the leather treatment.


One of the most luxurious leather around and is usually used in the production of the Flap bags. It is buttery smooth, much softer but easily bruises a lot and is more prone to scratches. It is famed for this distinctive quality and has a very rich color to it. It also tends to age faster but to some enthusiast, this is part of the charm of lambskin bags.

Goatskin Leather

It is soft, durable, flexible, and can pretty much take a beating and can survive wear and tears though much thinner and lighter than calfskin making this a top choice among designer handbag collectors. The great thing about goatskin is that it gets smoother with use and is water resistant as well, but we don’t recommend this as a resort bag. It can be easily cleaned with water and mild pumice-based soap. Air drying is recommended for this type of leather bag.

Alligator Leather

This is one of the most sought after exotic skin a bag could get yet without controversies. Rugged yet exquisite, delicate yet tough regardless of any color when its in alligator leather,the colors just come out as vibrant. Plus the texture gives that luxurious feel to alligator bags. However, intensive care must be treated to alligator bags like not letting it be left out in extreme heat as it speeds up the aging. Alligator leather is one of the best leathers out there and won’t show any marks or bruises as the years go on.

Python Leather

With its patterns and texture completely on its own league, Python leather is one of the most exquisite leathers around. Like alligator leather, color pops out magnificently on python leather. With its scales in full view, python elevates any designer bag line into a high-class work of art. It is very easy to take care of and won’t damage easily. It is also lightweight which adds to its flexibility. Just keep it away from water and it will last through the years.

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