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LDS Wedding Gown: The 5 Features Every LDS Wedding Gown To Be ‘Temple Ready’

Finding the perfect LDS wedding gown isn’t so easy due to the specific needs of a Latter-day Saint bride.

Here let’s look at the features that you’re wedding gown will need if you are to wear it throughout the ceremony and the sealing within the temple:

An LDS wedding gown adheres to a stricter code of modesty than many of the wedding gowns that you will find in stores at the moment. Although there is a huge selection of wedding gowns in so many styles such as short skirts, backless, sleeveless and in many different colors, many of these may be unsuitable for you.

LDS wedding gowns will typically need to be ‘temple ready’ if you are planning to wear them inside the temple for the ceremony and the sealing. But what does ‘temple ready’ mean?

  • The gown will be white. Colors like ivory or champagne will likely not be passed by a temple matron, so keep it simple and choose a white gown.
  • You will need a long-sleeved gown for the sealing. This can be tricky as most wedding gowns on sale these days have short or no sleeves. Don’t worry though, if you have your heart set upon a sleeveless or short-sleeved gown then you can request some false sleeve inserts for the gown or a white dickie from temple staff.
  • The gown must be modest. This means that low-cut or backless gowns are not OK. The neck will ideally be high, giving coverage to your collarbone.
  • Your skirt will be floor length, so this should be long enough to cover your shoes.
  • No trains allowed for the sealing ceremony. If your gown has a train then you may have to change into a plain temple gown. However some gowns have removable trains, so if you want to wear the gown in the sealing then you can just detach the train!

If you check many wedding boutiques and online stores for gowns that match this description then you may find that your choice is minimal (unless you happen to be in a Mormon area), but don’t worry. If you buy a gown in good time for your wedding then you can have it altered to make it ‘temple-ready.’

Alternatively, you can buy the wedding gown of your dreams and wear if for pictures outside of the temple and at your reception regardless of whether it’s ‘temple-ready’ or not and just change into a plain temple gown for the sealing inside.

So, are you ready to shop yet? If so don’t discount online stores as many will have suitable LDS wedding gowns or dresses that can be easily altered and will be far, far cheaper than local boutiques. Just check for stores that allow you to search for dresses that will match your needs.

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