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Love to Sew – Make It Your Business


Running a tailoring business from home is definitely an exciting and profitable venture for someone who is passionate about sewing. It can be a wonderful way to showcase your talent and skills with the benefits of working from your own home. It can also be a great source of income especially with the economy’s state today.

Tools to get started

When you decide to establish a tailoring business from home, you have to list down the tools that you will need to ensure good workmanship and productivity. You would have to invest in sewing tools such as a professional sewing machine, threads in various colors, sewing needles and buttons in all shapes and sizes and a good iron to keep clothes presentable and a good supply of hangers to name a few.

At the same time, you need to designate a space for working. It is highly recommended to set aside a room where you can set up your sewing tools, a spacious desk and a comfortable chair. You will be spending lots of hours in your work area so it is best that you are comfortable as you sew. If you don’t have a room, then you can find an area in the house where there will be fewer interruptions as you need to concentrate. It would be nice to also have a reception area where you can entertain clients.

Specialize in a niche

Once you have the entire equipment ready, you can then move on to deciding which particular tailoring services you want to specialize in. In choosing your niche, you have to determine the field of expertise that you mostly enjoy doing and whether it has a great demand in the market. It is best to do a little research and gather information on whether your chosen expertise is feasible. You may sew from clients’ patterns or sew from your own design.

You may consider specializing on the following:

  • Sewing men’s, women’s and children’s wear
  • Sewing costumes
  • Sewing for the home such as curtains, draperies, blankets, bed sheets and pillow cases
  • Alterations
  • Sewing for weddings and events such as gowns and suits
  • Sewing for pets such as dog blankets, clothes for dogs and other animals

Offer reasonable pricing

In the US, alterations can cost between $5-$30 per piece of clothing. Specialized costumes can be charged for up to $1,000 depending on the materials used. Gowns and formal dresses can sell for up to $200 – $5,000.

In setting up your price, the two most important things that you have to consider are the time and the cost you will need to make a project. You can also try to research how much the competition is charging to make sure your rate is at par Always remember not to end up giving your work away as this will defeat your objective. When you establish a solid client base, you will surely get more work and more repeat clients.

The tailoring business is indeed a fun business. Although there are deadlines to be met and can be stressful at times, the fulfillment you get from creating remarkable items of clothing and from highly satisfied clients is all worth it.



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