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Making Web Video – Rules to Profit By

On the web, there is no standard method or even length for commercials for making web video clips. It is a wide-open frontier with loose rules, but here are the key points:

When Making Web Video: The Viewer Needs…

  • to see and hear just enough to generate interest
  • but leave them wanting more
  • and wanting to buy!

Making webvideo commercials more than a few minutes long will lose the interest of your audience. While 30 seconds to three minutes may sound like a short time, you will find maintaining quality for that amount of time is more difficult than imagined.

When Making Web Video: The Viewer Needs to Think …

  • that they need exactly what you have got
  • It solves a problem
  • makes their life easier
  • it will somehow make them better!

The next step is to making web video is to create information to influence the viewer. The content needs to be portrayed in an interesting way. Tell a story: present a problem and explain how your product or service is the solution.

Edit properly by pacing your footage well. Now is the time to inject your own style & creativity. Be subjective and know that making web video long or dull will cause viewers to leave you in the dust.

When Making Web Video: Create a Shooting Script

This is merely a road map of your video prepared in advance. Include what you need to shoot, if someone is going to speak, if there will be a voiceover or music added in editing or any combination of all of these elements are part of making web video that works.

The most important part of the selling process is the Call-to-Action. Being too artsy or over-stylized can & will go over the heads of most of your audience. When you are making web video, the only time to get hyper-creative should be once your brand, business or service has been well established.

Be clear and concise in what you want the web video viewer to do next. This is no time to leave question marks in their minds.

When Making Web Video, Remember that The Viewer Needs to Act…

  • They need a call to action
  • They need to buy!

When making web video, plan on including on-screen titles or graphics. Use key selling points, as well as the always critical call to action. This can mean a website, email address or phone number so the viewer can act on your sell and make a purchase.

If video is inserted on your own website, use the most universal of web video format: video for Adobe Flash. More people can play this web video format than any other type. Flash is smaller and faster than other major formats like Windows Media Video, H.264, DivX, QuickTime and Real Media.

Flash video can allow actions like re-directing a viewer to a specific location upon the video completion and many other great marketing-friendly features. Making web video [] that plays easily for the viewer is important.

Flash allows many marketing-savvy functions like sending a viewer to a web page when the video ends. This page can contain an order form, resume, sales page, etc.

Making webvideo viewers react is key, and you must make it easy for them to make the buy. Using the proper methods and correct tools will give you the strongest potential for success.

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