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Maximizing Your Closet Space

We’ve all witnessed our closets shrinking over time as we constantly shove whatever we can out of our eye site and into our closet space. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a huge house, we all struggle with clutter and most likely closet clutter! If you’re serious about organizing your home, you have start with your closets and arrange them carefully to free up additional storage space. Getting your closets organized will allow you to get the rest of your home in order, here are some great tips to maximizing your closet space.

Start with a Clean Canvas

To start your closet de-clutter project, you should start by completely cleaning out your entire space and separate into piles based on amount of use. Once your closet is completely cleared out, determine how much room you have for closet organizers by simply measuring the empty closet. To measure a reach-in-closet, determine the width of the closet by measuring the inside space between the two side walls and gauge the depth from the distance between the inside surface of the face wall or door to the back of the wall. To measure a walk-in closet, determine the width of each wall as well as the closet’s height from the floor to ceiling. Don’t forget about the door!

When you know exactly how much space you have to work with, evaluate the things you’re keeping and determine the best way to store them. Fore example, would you install additional shelving, rods or drawers? Most basic closets are equipped with a single rod for hanging clothing but the closet’s height will allow for a t least two rods. If you can double the space you use to hang garments or clothes, you will find much more space for other items. If you are working with a small closet, you can make the most of the room you d have by using specially designed hangers to increase the number of garments you can hang in a smaller area of space.

High Visibility NOTE: When organizing a clothing closet, keep your most used items visible and easily accessible. Most people wear 20% of their clothing 80% of the time so your key items should be front-and-center. To further simplify things, reassemble some of your essential outfits, including accessories and store them together on a single hanger.

You can sort your hanging items by type or category. For example, divide up suits so that all jackets and skirts are together, then you can group jeans, dress pants, sweaters and so on. Sort within each category by color and or fabric type. Doing this will help you to create new outfit combinations by mixing and matching your clothes. It is also really popular to arrange your clothing by season.

Finding the Right Hangers

When organizing any clothing closet, you need to have a variety of hangers. Before you decide which type will work the best, get rid of all of your bent or broken hangers you’ve built up over time from a trip or the dry-cleaners. Typically, wood or plastic shaped hangers work better for hanging clothes as they keep your clothes together and are sturdier than metal. Use your hangers strategically and you can bet your clothes won’t end up in a tangled mess or in a heap on the closet floor.

Store Clothing in Bins

Another option to messy closets is storing your out of season clothing in bins in a storage unit. Mini storage units offer affordable square footage for the space you just don’t have. If you live in a place with a definite change of seasons, you may consider storing your clothing in bins and remove from your home all together.

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