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Men’s Casual Wear

Men generally, when given a choice (and sometimes, a choice is a rare luxury when it comes to what they wear in public and whether or not the missus approves), would run with a great fitting pair of denim jeans, a comfortable cotton polo, maybe a ball cap and comfortable trainers. It’s the perfect wardrobe, right? Still, tradition or no, even these old standbys get an update from time to time.

Caps & Hats

There are few men who do not have a ratty ball cap from their college, or worse, their high school days, sadly, there are those who have more than one and don’t hesitate in rotating them out.

Most men also like the simplicity of those great looking adjustable baseball caps with little or no adornments. They want it easy to launder and even easier to wear. Leave those that “fit like a glove” in the box with your letterman’s jacket in the attic and opt for a more grown up look.

Tees & Polos

There is that middle ground between standard work attire and the sweats men tend to hold on to after college. In that middle ground, refined casual clothing is found and includes quality cotton men’s polos, button down shirts and a nice pair or two of khaki trousers. There are two requirements: men’s tees and polos must be both versatile and comfortable. Affordable is always nice, too.

Hoodies and Jumpers

Most men have few requirements for their jumpers. They must roomy, stylish, comfortable and easy to launder. Some of the best styles are found in the Voi collections. The quality is always the best and they wear easily. This season, go for the many shades of grey and combine with black or white for contrast.


There are many great denim designers who focus solely on men’s jeans. This is good for a lot of reasons; mostly, though, it’s good because there’s bound to be that one designer brand that fits your specific shape. Once you find it, stick with it. Nothing says casual better than a great pair of denim jeans.

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