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Mizoram – Land of Highlanders

Mizoram is an endless variety of landscape with rich flora and fauna, clusters of whispering pines and quaint villages with houses on stilts. Vantawng Khawhthla, the highest waterfall plunging from 750 ft is surrounded by lush green tropical forests, dominated by bamboo groves. Mizoram protrudes downwards between Myanmar and Bangladesh. The Tropic of Cancer runs through the heart of Mizoram, so it has a pleasantly temperate climate throughout year.

Nature has bestowed Mizoram with numerous rivers like Tlawang, Sonai, Tuivai, Kolodyne and karnafulli. The legendary river Tiu is the boundary between India and Myanmar. On the banks, a huge market for export goods has come up. Tamdil is natural lake, 83 km Aizawl near Saitual town.

The major tourist attraction happens to be Champhai, a bustling commercial town on the Indo-Myanmar border. Believed to be the entry point and settlement of the first Mizo migrants to India, Champhai has a background of rich heritage, scattered in small hamlets and villages dotted with monuments and monoliths that depict success in war, valorous hunting, personal distinctions and achievements.

Champhai is fast emerging as a fruit bowl of Mizoram. Colours through the well-tended vineyards, passion fruit orchards and the recently introduced Kiwi fruit plantations. Moreover, green paddy fields, usually set in the valley between hills, make this region the rice bowl of the state and a picture-postcard favourite.

Traveller can spend your wallet at the Town Market, it’s a shoppers’ paradise. Household items, cloths, electronic goods and cosmetics can be picked up at a bargain price.

At 6 km from Champhai in village is a cluster of six manmade caves curved out of solid rocks. According to legend, this was the hiding place for villagers from the onslaught of a gigantic eagle named Mura, who used to prey on them.

A day excursion from Champhai to Falkaw village will take you to Kungawrhi Puk, a deep and wide gaping hole on the side of a hill, which was once believed to be the entrance of an underground village inhabited by the spirits.

Tamdil has a natural lake and is a favourite picnic spot.Dampa is a wildlife sanctuary at the junction of borders of Mizoram, Tripura and Bangaldesh where tigers, bison, elephant, bear and avian species can be seen. Saiha is a paradise for anglers as the Chimtuipui river teems fish. Phawngpui is preserved for its medicinal herbs and open only for trekkers.

Kut is the most important festival of Mizoram. The kut celebrated in March is the 3 day spring festival marked by singing and dancing and colourful dresses. Mim kut (august-September) is a harvest festival. Pawl Kut, a harvest festival is celebrated during the last week of November. The locals celebrate this festival by singing, dancing, and playing traditional games.

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