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Modernizing Hand-Me-Down Formal Dresses

Having a big sister is a blessing. You can talk to her about your problems. You can learn from her mistakes. And best of all, you can borrow her clothes. Here are some ways to modernize hand-me-down formal dresses.

The word “hand-me-down” doesn’t have to be faux pas. It doesn’t have to mean used or second-hand or cheap. It can be a family treasure if you wear it well.

A New Take on an Old Favorite

First of all, stop thinking of these gifts as hand-me-downs and start thinking of them, as hand-me-overs. Hand-me-overs as in, “Hand over that phenomenal dress! I want it for myself!”

Having an older sister with clothing that fits you is an asset. But there is one potential problem – if your sister and you are more than two years apart in age, you might have to update the look. This is easy to do and you may end up with something truly original.

When you choose to modernize apparel from previous seasons, you have an opportunity to make it better. You can become your own designer. And you can be sure that no else will be wearing the same thing.

The Silver Lining of Hand-me-Over Formal Dresses

Especially when it comes to formal dresses, wearing a hand-me-over will allow you to spend more on other items. Imagine how much you could spend on shoes, gloves, jewelry, and an evening bag if you save a little on your gown. These “gotta have it” pieces will also help to give your hand-me-over a modern makeover.

The first way to modernize your look is to pair it with the hippest, hottest pair of shoes you can find. Look for designs that are in neutral colors like gold, silver, black, and metallic. These are very in right now.

Some examples are Sizzle Shoes like Athens, Broadway, Milan, and San Juan. Another excellent shoe option is Touch Ups Shoes Kendall and Princess. They all come in silver and gold so they will go with pretty much any color fabric. No one will question the newness of your ensemble if the shoes are exceptional.

The next way to modernize is with your jewelry. Adding crystal and rhinestone bracelets, necklaces, and earrings will transform the “down” in hand-me-down to hand-me-dazzle. DG Designs AB and Clear Rhinestone Cuff Bracelet, Crystal Chandelier Earrings, and Crystal Rounded Rhinestone Necklace and Earring Set have 2011 flavor.

Another way to renew your look is to add a couture style handbag. Choose something that is very expensive looking. Champagne satin has a way of elevating an entire ensemble to celebrity status. For example, La Regale’s champagne satin bow handbag is elegant and elite. It’s a clutch but it also has a necklace chain strap.

And finally, hosiery can also renovate a design. Once upon a time, a girl was limited to nude, black, or white nylons or tights. Today, look out! You have so much to choose from.

Fishnets will be very happening in 2011. They add an element of rock n’ roll delectability that says, “Hear me roar!” And they don’t even have to be traditional stockings.

Fishnets come in stocking length, thigh high and even leggings. A pair of footless leggings under a short vintage prom dress, with a great pair of shoes and, “Hello!” Now add your modern jewelry and finish it off with a hot handbag, and you’re stylin’.

With these tips, your older sister’s formal dresses will become your phenomenal dresses. Just make sure you ask before borrowing them!

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