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Nomination’s Star Set to Rise in 2010

The difference between a fashion fad and a fashion phenomenon is its endurance. Just as stars of stage and screen can rise or fall in an instant, so too trends can die faster than they were thrown from the catwalk on to the high street.

Glassless glasses of the 1960s, heat-reactive T-shirts of the early-nineties and baggy trousers made famous by rapper MC Hammer, were all minor blips on fashion’s timeline.

But some fashion accessories, which are steeped in history and conform to the basic desire of man to be an individual, stand the test of time.

And so it is with Nomination charm bracelets.

The next 12 months, just like every year of the last two decades, looks set to see demand for the Italian-born composable bracelets continue to grow.

In fact, after several years of slowly but surely becoming the fashionista’s best friend, 2010 could be the year that the rapidly-spreading trend becomes a global sensation.

The celebrity set which endorses the product has expanded to bursting point while the surge in sales of the prestige item has been massive across the board.

Footballers, singers, rappers and movie stars are all fans of the bracelets, which can be customized with attachable charms, and the public appetite for them has never been greater.

But perhaps its best assets – for retailers and consumers alike – are its price point and its flexibility.

You can start to build your own Nomination charm bracelet, which is usually made up of around 18 links, for as little as £20 (US$33).

Individual charms which slot into the blank links can be as extravagantly expensive or modestly affordable as you desire.

Meanwhile, the interchangeable nature of the charms means wearers can effectively build several different sets to suite their mood, changing interests or maybe even their relationship status – hearts and letters spelling ‘I love you’ can be quickly swapped for skulls, cross bones and spiders’ webs to quell the advances of an unwanted admirer.

The sexless nature of Nominations also makes them a jeweller’s dream.

Alongside the likes of Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera, Nominations are also popular with male role models such as English Premier League footballers, who have been known to display their national flag around their wrists.

Nomination charms are usually made from 18 karat gold on a stainless steel panel cover a wide spectrum of themes including animals, flowers, religions, zodiac signs and birthstones.

It remains to be seen whether their star will continue to rise in 2010 but initial signs would strongly suggest that it will.

In recent years the web has become a reliable gauge to tell whether a trend is in the ascendancy or on its way out.

Judging from the hundreds of people who have joined the Facebook groups dedicated to the brand, the viewing figures from the many of video guides related to building a bracelet and the level of interest in Twitter, the Nomination success story is far from over.

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