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Planning a Party for the Bride-To-Be

When your days as a single lady are numbered, it is just right to do that last celebration that only single ladies can enjoy. If you have a friend who is going to walk down the aisle soon, it’s best to plan a party for her. You can ask your other friends to help in planning this event. There are plenty of bachelorette party ideas that can make the occasion really fun.

You don’t always to have rent a nice venue. Your house or apartment unit can already offer a great place for the party. If you still live with your parents and your mom doesn’t like the idea of loud music or noisy girls in the house, then, you probably should just rent a hotel room or look for a favorable venue, for example, a club or even a beach resort.

What to wear can be an issue, but there are no strict dress codes. Girls will have to agree on what type of dress to wear, but the bride-to-be may have the strongest suggestion. Dresses can range from regular shirts and jeans to pajamas and nighties. The only rule is to wear comfy clothes.

Although you can wear anything you want, it would also be fun to have a theme for your party. Themes may include black and white, cowboy, high fashion, or same color motifs.

Should you cook a lot of food? Bachelorette parties are not like feasts, so there is no need to have a lavish buffet. You can just settle for pizza and other snacks. You don’t have to hire a caterer, especially if you are only having about 20 or 15 girls in the room, although, it may not be a bad idea if you are not on a tight budget.

Who should you invite? This is the question that should be answered by the bride-to-be. Who does she invite to the party? If she wants some intimate girl bonding, then, only her closest friends should be there. The party planner should not fail to ask the bachelorette for a list of girls that she wants to be around. You should not do the inviting yourself because you might make a mistake, like inviting her fianc√©’s ex-girlfriend. Make sure that you do not miss a friend that the bride wants present at the party. Someone might get upset for not getting invited.

It’s time to see the future! Have you ever thought of hiring a psychic? Girls would probably want to find out what’s in store for them in the future, even if it’s just for fun. So, you may hire someone who can read palms, crystal balls, or tarot cards. You don’t have to take the fortune-telling seriously, but this activity should be fun.

Bachelorette parties are not complete without stripping hunks, but going to a strip club may not be an option. See if you can hire male strippers and have them entertain the girls at your specified venue. The good thing about having them go to the venue is that you have more freedom, meaning, you can do anything with the men.

If having a naughty girl party doesn’t seem to be your style, then, you can opt for something more conservative, but still interesting. Your party doesn’t have to be extremely traditional. If the bride-to-be doesn’t even want naked men at the party, you have to think of something else.

You can make it elegant or simple. This is the right moment to spend a night on fresh gossips and bachelorette party games.

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