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Preemie Easter Dresses – Hard to Find, But Worth Every Penny!

Easter is quickly approaching and with it comes a desire for the picture perfect dress to remember your special Easter occasion. But where can you find one? For many parents of preemies, this is easier said than done. It is hard enough to find preemie clothes that fit, but to find a preemie specialty item… well, it seems nearly impossible. However, if you know a few little secrets, it makes your job a little easier.

Make It

This is a good option that gives you control over exactly how you want want your dress to look and feel. Fabric, rickrack, patterns, and style can be as close as your local fabric store. You also can make more of a decision on how much you would like to spend. It is one personal way of providing for your new preemie that is timeless, and reaches back through the generations.

This choice can also be a difficult option because you may have a hard time finding patterns that are actually the sizes that you need. Searching through the major pattern makers provides few “preemie” choices, and the choices available are not the sizes quoted on the patterns. A good rule of thumb is to reduce your patterns smallest “preemie” size by 30% with a copy machine. This will give you approximately a 4-6 lb. preemie size. As another general rule, doll patterns do not work because neck and arm holes as well as sizing tends to be off too much to fix.

A few more things to watch out for is money, time, and machines. It is easy to go over budget on all of the cute notions and fabric available so you end up spending even more than a store bought dress would cost and you still have all the work to do. Do you have the time to make it? With the hectic schedule of today’s parent and grandparent this is something to consider. What about the appropriate sewing paraphernalia? Sewing machine, serge machine, snap press, notions, and etc. can cost a lot more than your project is worth.

Buy It

Shopping for preemie dresses or preemie Easter dresses is a challenge, but there are things you can do to find what you need. A search on Google for “Preemie Easter Dresses” or “Preemie Dresses” will take you to specialty online preemie shops that will have the sizes you need. The reason they are in business is for preemies, so the sizes are correct for your new preemie. When you are searching, look for specific preemie name brands such as Chuckleberries or Preemie-Yums. These manufacturers have done their research and their sizes reflect all of their hard work by provided sizes that are as accurate as you can get.

Finding preemie dresses at your local mall, mart, or store will in most cases be a fruitless search. Like the pattern manufacturers, major brand name manufacturers now adding preemie sizes are reacting to the large number of preemie births and want to profit from those early deliveries. But the sizes are the same as the patterns mentioned above. Unfortunately you can’t put a ready made dress into a copier and reduce it by 30%.

The perfect preemie Easter dress can be exciting and will make your celebration and pictures more meaningful. Take the time to get a dress or even a gift set that includes a hat, booties, bloomers, headband, or … . Whether you make it or buy it, you will be so glad you did!

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