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Real Estate in Spain – Exciting Destinations

We are launching a series of articles in which we will explore some of the most exciting destinations for property buying in Spain. Even if you have visited the country as a tourist, it is always a good idea to read a third-person’s perspective for the different cities and regions that Spain has to offer. We are starting off with two of the most popular cities – Barcelona and Granada – known for their buzz, liveliness and unique atmosphere.


Barcelona will immediately mesmerize you with its fascinating mixture of old and new. Radiating culture, creativity and colour, the city boasts with Gaudi’s architecture, the Ramblas street theater and the atmospheric maze of the medieval BarríGotic.

Barcelona is the country’s second biggest city and another important factor to consider for your real estate purchasing decisions in Spain is that Barcelona is located very close to the French border. It is also the capital of the autonomous region of Catalunya, welcoming a great diversity of people from various nationalities and backgrounds. This gives Barcelona a completely different personality from cities like Madrid and Seville, for example.

Truly, Barcelona has it all – from cheap take-aways to fine dining; from high fashion to street chic; from flamenco to ballet. It’s quite hard to think of even a few other European cities that can entice tourists and citizens with such an exciting blend of beauty, culture, style, excellent climate and arty bohemianism. Not to mention that you don’t even need to make a choice between city living and Mediterranean beaches – Barcelona delivers both, while also being only a few hour away from ski slopes.

If you are already feeling eager to go look for some real estate in Barcelona, Spain – keep in mind that property prices there can range from 250 thousand euro to 1.3 million euro, depending on your tastes, requirements and exact location.


Granada is another of Spain’s jewels that is likely to cause overwhelming feelings and emotions, but in a whole different way. On top of bringing together Christianity and Islam, Granada presents a nice mix of Jewish and Gypsy traditions, too. The Ahlabmra fortress-palace is one of the city’s most intriguing places of interest, sending a seductive invitation for visitors to dive into a world of passion, love, and tragedy.

Granada is situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and exactly in-between the Darro and Genil rivers. This is in the Southern region of the Andalusia, and the city is also the capital of a province, carrying the same name. Granada’s rich history and traditions are still reflected in its people’s daily life and mentality. It is also known to be a city of celebrations – a bouquet of festivities take place throughout the whole year. Therefore, the city is a perfect location for Spain real estate purchases by people, who would love to immerse themselves into local customs and make a serious shift in their lifestyle. Caves are another charm, defining Granada’s personality; they are formed naturally and typically surrounded by ethereal gardens that take you to a whole new world.

Real Estate in Granada, Spain can be found at as low as 28 thousand euro, climbing up to 500 thousand euro.

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