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Reasons Why Handmade Shoes Are Better Than Machine Made Shoes

Handmade shoes, even though they are expensive when compared to that of the normal machine made shoes, the kind of comfort they provide is never going to match with that of the machine made shoes. Handmade shoes are far away in offering the comfort. Have you ever wanted to know the reasons behind the kind of comfort they offer? Yes, right!!! Then here are the reasons, just go through them

1. Leather quality:

The regular machine made formal shoes are made of cheap quality leather which cracks and splits over a certain period of usage and they won’t mould perfectly in your feet. However, even though handmade shoes are priced a bit higher, you don’t have to face these kind of problems with those pair of handmade shoes as they made up of premium quality Italian calf leather. They last for years.

2. Sole:

The type of sole used in the regular formal shoes will not be able to provide you the comfort for your feet as they are some locally made materials. Where as the handmade shoes have the Argetina sole inside them, which is considered as the finest leather in the world. It will comfort your feet.

3. Regular vs premium shoes:

Each and every material right from the lining to the shoe socks everything is made up of the real leather and this is what makes the handmade shoes stand apart and last long. This is also the reason that they provide high comfort to the users.

4. Factory vs Workshop:

When we compare the time taken for the manufacturing of the two types of shoes both the handmade and machine made, obviously the craftsmen who manufacture the custom shoes takes more time and the machine made shoes are manufactured in bulk and takes less time when compared to that of the custom shoes. This is what makes them more durable and strong.

5. Machine vs hands:

There are various stages of manufacturing while making a pair of shoes. Custom shoes manufacturers let the shoes rest in between these various stages of manufacturing the shoes whereas the machine made shoes are not given any gaps in between the stages as in a hurry to increase the production. This is what makes the difference in the superior fit quality and it looks as well.

So, it is advised to go for handmade shoes even they are a bit expensive.

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