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Review of the Damascus DLD40 Pulse Thinsulate Lined Leather Dress Gloves

Being fashionable when it is cold outside is essential, and these dress gloves are a fine choice for looking good in the winter. Made from good quality leather they are affordable at $18.95 and are still really strong.

I particularly like the extended wrist, which keeps the entire hand warm.

This glove is thin enough, at 40 grams, for you to still have some feeling in your hand, so you can do things like drive that require some sensitivity. At the same time, it is strong aniline finished cowhide, so will protect you even if you fall off a bike.

So what does it look like? Traditionally styled, it looks like a classic leather glove. It is not a fussy design. Instead you look like you have bought really high quality.

The Thinsulate coating insulates the inside of the glove so that your hands stay really warm.

I think if I have one problem with them that it is that these gloves run quite small, so you need to order larger than you expect.

One question you might have is whether these gloves will keep your hands dry? Well, they are defiantly water-resistant, but not completely water proof. Like all leather gloves they will keep your hand dry in the rain, but if they get wet enough they will start to pick up the rain.

I found these gloves to be very soft and comfortable to wear.

It can be quite hard buying these gloves in department stores, in fact, when I looked around I just couldn’t do it! Many places just don’t sell them. Particularly if you live in a warm state, but are going somewhere colder for a holiday. That’s why finding out they sell them at Amazon was a real surprise.

These are great gloves that will keep your hands warm while giving you freedom to go about your ordinary business.

Damascus has also released a newer model glove, the D60LT, which is a similar leather glove made from cowhide and an Outlast interior. The interior balances hand temperature to keep your hand warm but not hot. It’s a very high technology solution, approved by NASA.

If you are going to work out doors a lot, I think this model may be the one for you, because it is very protective and just a great glove. But it is quite expensive compared to the DLD40 which is probably the best choice for ordinary use.

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