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Rockabilly Fashion – Belt Buckles

Rockabilly fashion, popular in the 1950s, is all about being laid back and edgy at the same time. The casualness and comfort are what makes it a hit to hip and fashionable people these days. Rockabilly fashion is best executed with genuine articles coming from the whimsical and long-gone era. New items with a modern touch are actually easy to find in several online stores.

An impressive Rockabilly outfit is not complete, of course, without those chunky and decorative belt buckles. We visited a number of online stores and have come up with a guide of the best belt buckles there is. Browse through our list and choose which best suits your taste and sense of style.

“Pinupgirlclothing” tops out list of the best websites selling Rockabilly belt buckles. Among the designs that caught our eyes include:

Retro Anchor Tatoo Belt Buckle by Classic Hardware – A handmade anchor design entwined with a rope and surrounded by starts. The design has already been featured in a number of magazines.

“Too Fast To Live” Belt Buckle by Liquorbrand – True to the retro spirit, the buckle bears a skull-and-flags design in black and white mounted with the words “Too fast to live, too young to die.”

Rockabilly Retro V8 Unisex Belt – A design in red and black, the buckle bears the V* insignia that is surely a must-have in your Rockabilly fashion collection.

Printed Natural Wood Belt Buckle With Heart Design – Features a black heart lined with wood color on a rectangular flat buckle with round edges. Vintage prints surrounding the heart make it a classic.

Rock Rebel Skull Coffin – A coffin-shaped buckle cast from pewter, this one features a skull design surrounded by intricate filigree patterns. The belt buckle will suit both men and women.

“Homeward Bound” Pewter Unisex Belt Buckle – Created by Sailor Jerry, the buckle looks as if it is made of silver. The overall look is clean and the design includes a engraved image of a sailing ship.

“Daddyzero” also has an impressive collection of Rockabilly buckle belts, which designs border on the gothic and mysterious. Their prices are affordable, too. Here are some of our picks:

Black White and Chrome Nautical Star Rockabilly – The chrome buckle is cast in an attractive design of black and white. It features a star overlapping a chrome ring.

Double Barrel Derringer Handgun Belt Bucle – An interesting find because this buckle comes in the shape of a small handgun. This one will surely grab people’s attention by the balls.

Emily the Strange Black Kitty Cat Belt Buckle – A belt buckle in the form of modern emo icon Emily the Strange’s black cat. The creature is colored black with pink ears and a menacing look, perfect for the modern Rockabilly look.

We were also able to discover “Memoryworks” which has a wide collection cool western Rockabilly belts. features Rockabilly fashion with glamour and western ideas. Among our recommended buckle belts are:

Clark Tractor Belt Buckle – A very impressive piece, the buckle is enameled in green, black, and bronze and features an image depicting a Texan Clark tractor.

Western Style Belt Buckle with Faux Turquoise Cabochon – A large oval-shaped silver tone buckle with a large turquoise centerpiece. Heavy in weight, it has a classical embossed design of Texan roses and bear claws.

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