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Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts: Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas to Surprise Any Sweetie

Although little is known about the actual origins of Valentine’s Day, it has always been a day that celebrates love. The modern convention dictates that flowers, jewelry, or candy be given to honor a special someone, the more ancient traditions of Valentine’s Day involve an exchange of handwritten notes or cards between lovers. In order to hearken back to when Valentine’s Day was celebrated in a thoughtful and heartfelt way, show the special someone in your life how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day with some simply wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts.

Valentine’s Day gifts do not have to be expensive or extravagant. A simple but luxurious way to please your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day is to draw a romantic bath for them. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday this year, a romantic bath can be a great way to relax your lover after a long work day and prepare them for an enchanting evening.

· Fill the bathtub with very warm water. Pour in a capful of scented bubble bath while the water is still running to get a tubful of bubbles. Take rose petals and scatter them in and around the bathtub. Light red candles around the bathtub and basin. Take more rose petals and make a path to the bathroom to lead your special someone to a romantic bath. For something different, add dry powdered milk and Epsom salts to the bath instead of bubble bath. Share the bath with your sweetheart or take the opportunity to bathe them instead.

After a romantic bubble or milk bath, or simply on its own, a sensual massage will show

any sweetheart your romantic side.

· Light pink, red, and white scented candles around the bedroom and scatter rose petals on and around the bed. Lead your lover into the bedroom, have them disrobe, and lie face down on the bed. Start the massage at their neck and work your way down using a lightly scented massage oil. Pay special attention to their back, hips, calves, and feet to really relax them. Soft music in the background will enhance the experience.

If you have the time to prepare for a more involved Valentine’s Day gift, there are a

number of wonderful things you can do to show your loved one just how much you care for them. Putting time into a super special Valentine’s Day gift is a beautiful way to express your love for your Valentine.

· Purchase or make your own Valentine’s Day themed diary. The diary could be decorated with hearts or a deep red color. Starting today, write daily diary entries addressed to your lover, detailing what you love about them and why. Sign each diary entry with a kiss. On Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart the diary and let them read about all the ways you love them.

For Valentine’s Day this year, use creativity and thoughtfulness to show your love for a special someone. A coupon book for romantic things like candlelit dinners and romance movie nights, a serenade or CD of love songs, or a romantic scavenger hunt that ends in a quiet dinner together are excellent ways to show your love to a special someone. Your special someone is sure to appreciate the thought and energy that goes into your special Valentine’s Day gift.

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