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Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas: A Cheat Sheet For Guys

This article is for you if you are looking for romantic and unique Valentine’s Day gifts but struggle with the creative and romantic part of this important day for relationships. Below is a cheat sheet you can use that will put you up there with Valentino in the romance department.

The pros at have some great ideas if you want experienced input about romantic Valentine’s gifts. Their Valentine’s Day Guide has options for everything from can’t fail gifts to date ideas. They also offer gift advice on chocolates, flowers, pet treats, jewelry, romantic getaways, lingerie, and household items based on relationship levels from not yet committed to long-term.

Other online sites offer a wide variety of romantic Valentine’s gift ideas. You will find gifts broken down into gift recipient categories – wife, girlfriend, or secretly admired, at You can sort by age, price range, or type of gift if you’ve got something in mind|If you have something specific in mind, you can sort by type of gift, age range and price range. Look under the “I Love You” or personalized tabs for items with just the right sentiment.

Hubpages lists seven categories of gifts women want with links to some great Amazon prices. For romantic Valentines gifts that last all year long check out the Wine of the Month Club, which will send you two bottles of premium wines to enjoy together every month for around $30.

For romantic Valentines gifts on a budget you will find several smaller items that say “I love you” from the romantic to the humorous on different websites.

Valentine gifts that are romantic can be big or small, expensive or not, but the best ones are those that come from the heart. Instead of buying some last-minute generic item at the store, think about what your girlfriend or wife really likes, and build around that. Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be a chore, but it should be an expression of your love. Other ideas that can add to the romance:

  • You’ll both feel good when you choose to be pampered together at a spa or bed and breakfast.
  • Create a card, write a song, cook or do something else that doesn’t come naturally to you. She’ll appreciate the effort, even if it doesn’t come out 100% perfect.
  • If you’re a family, find out if she would rather have time with just you or time with everyone and make it happen. No excuses. No outside distractions.

It’s always nice to give the perfect gift, but perhaps the most romantic Valentines Day gift ideas are those where you actually just spend time together and show her how much you care.

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