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Sedu Hairstyle Tips – Do It Yourself Sedu!

If you are looking to get that super pin straight sedu hairstyle that just about every female celebrity from Jennifer Lopez , Paris Hilton, and Jessica Alba has been showing off, read on! Sedu Hairsyles are hot and here to stay!

What Is Sedu?

Sedu comes from the term ‘seduction’ and refers to the silky straight hairstyles achieved with a straightening flat iron. There are many brands of hair straightening irons on the market; they range in price from $19.00 to $150.00 and are made and distributed by many companies.

Why Use a Flat Iron?

You’ll save lots of money by learning to straighten your own hair at home. You can achieve amazing results with a little practice and better yet…you’ll avoid the salon.

It’s worth the investment of buying a good hair straightening iron because you’ll save time as well as money.

So, research sedu hairstyle-tips and see easily how you can transform your curly, frizzy or wavy hair. Why make expensive trips to the salon when you can get a great sedu look at home?

Wouldn’t you rather buy a pair of hot looking $75.00 jeans with the money you saved by styling your hair at home?!

How to Choose a Hair Straightening Iron

Used properly, hair straightening done with a flat iron is the most popular way to achieve pin straight sedu styles. Here are some sedu hairstyle tips on how to choose the correct flat iron – consider these things:

Your hair type – do you have short fine hair, short normal hair, or short coarse hair? Determine what length and thickness( referred to as fine, normal or coarse usually.) Link to the online list of irons at at the bottom of this article.

Adjustable temperature – Best to buy a flat iron with adjustable temperature. You risk burning your if you use a setting too hot for your hair type.

Choose the right sized tool for your hair – If your hair is shoulder length or below the heating plates should be 1″ to 1-1/2″ wide. Longer hair may require wider plates.

Type of Plates – If you want the shiniest silkiest hair, choose a hair straightening iron with Ceramic/Tourmaline Ion plates as opposed to just ceramic plates.

Infra-Red Heat technology – The more expensive models use infra-red heat technology which seals the hair’s moisture and luster.

Quick heat up – Good hair straightening irons will heat up to the desired temperature in less than one minute. This will cut your styling time a lot!

Get a Professional Hair Straightening Iron

You’ll need to spend at least $70.00 to get a decent quality hair straightening iron. The cheaper ones are reported to take forever to heat up, burn hair, break easily, and just plain don’t do the job. So a very important sedu hairstyle tip would be to invest in a good quality hair straightener; it will make your life a lot easier, and you’ll look better and certainly get more compliments!

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