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Sexy Cougars On The Prowl: How To Catch Your Cub – And Eat Him!

So, you’re female, 40 something or more, single or divorced, and you just about remember waving a final goodbye to your sex life some time during the millennium celebrations.

Well, wake up darling as you’re in for a surprise! Things are about to change.

Did you know that the first females men fantasize about sexually are at least 10 years older than them? That even at such a tender age, the male species is thinking about older women?

Fast-forward 10 years and the thought is still there. Cougar sex is about to become an obsession with them, and they don’t even know it!

You need to take advantage of this and liven up your sex life in a way you didn’t know possible. And let’s face, it’s so in fashion right now, why not? You might as well jump on the cougar sex bandwagon, and take years of you while you’re at it!

But just how do you go about your cougar seduction routine? How do you capture your cub, and make sure he gets that cougar sex fix he doesn’t even know he yearns?

Well, when you come across a potential cub, the first thing you have to remember is that you are the boss in the scenario, but your cub can’t ever know this. You’re a woman of the world and deep down he is in awe of this, but you have to play it as if it’s the first time a young man has shown interest in you. Cougar women let their cubs think they are in charge. Cubs long to have an experienced woman, but their approach is still a little immature. Don’t worry about this, as the rewards come later.

Show them quiet confidence and a little cleavage, and they will slip into cougar dating in the blink if an eye.

When you have dated once or twice, cougar sex is next on the agenda. Sex, after all is what it all boils down to – anyone who says otherwise is downright lying! But you can’t be seen to be too eager the first time you meet.

Sexy cougars is what the little cub wants; sexy cougars is what he shall have. This means that regardless of your home life and your beautiful grandkids, you can’t him see your idea of domestic bliss. You are a cougar sex object in his mind, so leave your knitting at home.

Cougar sex is powerful and confidence boosting, for both of you. You have many more years’ experience than him, yet his body is strong and beautiful, this adds to the excitement of the moment.

But it’s not all about the sex. Your cub will admire you whatever you do. Treat him to the ultimate in cougar seduction and prepare a home cooked meal, or take him for a picnic at the park. Not the mad haze of drunken madness he’s probably be used to, but big thumbs up for earning respect and providing comfort; surely the best way to get into his pants!

So to all you potential sexy cougars, the message is go for it, no matter how ‘old’ you think you are. Cougar sex will renew your confidence and take years off you. And if you really have an issue with the age thing, just think how much your cub will thank you for everything you’ve taught him…

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