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Shirley Hollywood Lingerie Faces The Challenge Of Innovative Design

When you choose to buy lingerie online, you opt for the privilege of admiring the fabric, color and design, in the cocooned confines of your home.

This is all the more thrilling as fashion is a dynamic creature, and ever-changing. Today, lingerie is available in rich silk and chiffon. Bold and stylish statements are being made with black lingerie fashioned from silk or satin. Baby doll lingerie is peddled in various textures and colors for the fashion-conscious to choose.

Designers admit no limits when it comes to finalizing lingerie design and fabric. Manufacturers continually experiment with different colors and fabrics; the clear aim is to conceive designs that are trendy and hot. Attempting to make wild, bold and erotic fashion statements they attach feathers, tails and even ears to lingerie.

Silk makes for lingerie that is smooth and soft while always skin friendly. Silk lingerie attracts women by the droves who prefer to buy them as gifts on birthdays, honeymoons, weddings, and other special occasions. However, do remember to take a look at the price tag before you decide to order silk lingerie.

Different brands of lingerie abound in the market, as designers strive to make the wearers of their lingerie look slimmer and sexually more attractive to their partners. They also offer fun prints like cherries and clouds to help the buyer get in touch with her/ his inner child. Animal prints, lace and bold colors like red have something in common – they appeal to the wearer’s wild side.

Quality is the key to the buyer’s heart. Lingerie that sells must appeal in terms of fabric, range, fashion, color, and size.

Los Angeles based Shirley Hollywood Lingerie claim that they are constantly experimenting with new designs and fabrics.

Some innovation is evident in their holiday themes, such as specially designed Halloween and Christmas wear. They have even designed special Valentine’s Day lingerie with heart inspired laces, bras, garter belts, and bath products.

The company has attempted to gain market share in both women’s and men’s lingerie markets in the five decades of its existence. Whether in luxurious fabrics or hot fashions or lounge-wear it has product lines with complex prints, many colors and very sharp design. The company has kept its prices moderate in a bid to compete in a crowded market.

On the flipside, as the manufacturer doesn’t sell directly to end users, online or offline; with the result, you could find the same product available at different prices, at different retailers; so, the onus is on you to buy it at the best price from a credible source.

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