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Dress for Success –

A professional look promotes credibility, respect, and ultimately, success.

A tie is a great finishing piece. It’s an accessory that, for lack of a better term, ties a suit together. Ties have been a part of a well dressed man’s wardrobe for over 350 years.

Hakashi is a synonym for Handsome and Catchy.

To enhance masculine beauty Silk Tie is not merely a clothing but it is a designer cosmetic.

You know the old proverb ” There is no ugly man in the world, but there are men who do not know how to look handsome. Silk Ties enhances the handsomeness of the young as well as of experienced, fresh and seasoned people.

Chances are you already know the conventional wisdom when it comes to dressing for interviews. Wear a suit with a silk tie right?

For men a suit in a dark neutral color, a white or blue dress shirt and a silk tie in a conservative pattern should do just fine for most interviews. Stick to natural fabrics like wool and cotton.

Depending on what kind of position you are seeking, the industry you’re searching in and the personality statement you want to make, you’ll have to decide how to best express yourself through your ties.

How to Iron a Tie

Ties wrinkle primarily when they are knotted and need occasional ironing.


1. Check tags on tie for information about fabric type.

2. Plug in Iron and set temperature dial accordingly. Many ties are made of silk or polyster blends and will need a cool setting . Wool ties need a medium setting and cottons can take a fairly high temperature.

3. Place tie lengthwise on ironing board with back of tie facing up.

4. Place a cotton cloth flat over area to be ironed and carefully iron your tie.

5. Iron bottom to top in small portions from the edges inward to avoid creasing.

6. Lift cover cloth periodically to check progress.

7. Turn tie face up and Iron, taking care not to leave the iron in any one spot for too long.

8. Hang tie immediately so that it cools with wrinkling.


: The cover cloth keeps your tie from scorching, sticking, discoloring or getting shiny.

Avoid spot cleaning your tie just before ironing. Any damp spots will become permanent stains if you Iron them.

Here are some tips to choose the perfect colour:

The main colour of a patterned tie should complement your suit and the secondary colour should pick up your shirt, in case you’re wearing a suit.

The texture of the tie should go with your outfit, for instance a shiny silk tie should go with a shiny silk shirt and a wool tie should be worn with a wool suit.

Your tie should be darker than the colour of your shirt.

Fabrics that’ll flatter:

Though silk is the universal favourite, recent trends show that satin, polyester and cotton-blended fabrics are becoming the new favourites.

However, experts swear that the best material for ties is either silk or a polyester and silk blend.

Caring for your tie:

Always unknot your tie when you are not wearing it, leaving it knotted can damage the tie and cause create permanent wrinkles. This allows the silk fibres to recover.

Always hang your tie when not in use. This will allow heavy creases to drop out naturally.

For grease stains on a tie, apply cornstarch and leave overnight.

Tie shopping tips:

o Select an appropriate length and width. That depends on your body size and fashion trends too!

o Try not to buy on sight alone. Touch the tie. Feel it! If you don’t like the feel, you won’t wear it!

o Remember to check the inside of the tie. The inside should be lined with a stiff material so the tie will keep its shape no matter what!

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