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Simple Makeover – Look Great Without Breaking the Bank

Are you ready to undergo a simple makeover to give your look a little lift? Have you let yourself go these past years and you need to revamp your appearance with a simple makeover? Are you the type who hates to fuss, hates to shop and hates to waste time so a simple makeover is all you would tolerate?

Some women just love to put in the time. They’ll spend an hour on their hair… every day, they’ll diligently apply make up and their wardrobe… they just love to shop and renew that wardrobe every chance they get.

But what do you do when you just don’t have the time or the inclination to tend to your looks. Read on to see how you can have a simple makeover that you’ll be able to live with and keep up.

Luscious Hair

If you flip through a fashion magazine or watch entertainment magazines, you’ll see women with fabulous hair that is luxurious, sexy and always perfectly coiffed. Don’t make the mistake of trying to emulate a hairstyle that requires a lot of fuss.

Hair that is tediously blow dried straight then pressed with a flat iron requires time. Perfect little curls can also be time consuming and even frustrating. Opt for a haircut that will allow you to spend a little time as possible on your hair while still looking great.

Make Up For You

I once knew a woman who had very small eyes, yet she insisted on wearing tones of mascara and thick eyeliner. Her eyes practically disappeared into that dark abyss. And her attempts at a smoky eye only made things worse.

Know your face and your skin tone. What works well on the olive skinned woman with big eyes might not suit your ivory skin and narrow eyes.

For the simplest makeover make up regime, try a swipe of mascara and tinted lip gloss. In one minute flat you’ve given your face a little oomph.

Fit Your Body

The biggest mistake women make when they assemble a wardrobe is they refuse to take into account their own personal body type. They rely on what looks good on the mannequin or the style that looks so great on their friend.

I once shopped with a friend who was six inches taller than me. We entered the dressing room with the same belted jacket. It looked fabulous on her. It looked disastrous on me.

Don’t fall for the trends. Fall for what’s best on you.

And if you want to keep your wardrobe simple, don’t buy flashy pieces that will only offer you limited use. Buy items that you can mix and match, like a fabulous, yet simple dress that can be worn at work then can be dressed up with a flashy necklace and be good for the evening.

All and all, don’t build your wardrobe around someone else’s taste or around who you wish you were. Be true to yourself and who you want men to see. No matter the wardrobe, if you don’t feel comfortable it will show.

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