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Sitges – The Jewel of the Mediterranean


Sitges is a small city in Catalonia in Spain and is situated 35 Km from the Barcelona. It is well known throughout the world for its carnival as well as film festival. It is very popular for the historic sites, nightlife and beaches. This city is famous for gay tourists who visit this place in July-August every year.

Nowadays this place has earned the reputation of a dynamic cultural oasis and its economy is dependent mainly on tourism and culture. It has a good quality infrastructure because of which congresses, seminars, conferences and company meetings are conducted in this city.


In the 19th century, the Catalan painter – Santiago Rusiñol started living in this area, thereby increasing its reputation as an artsy city. However, this town got recognition only in 1960s and it became the only center in Spain for the counterculture and was known as Ibiza in miniature.


The maximum and minimum average temperatures in this city are 28 °C in July-August and 13 °C in January. The best time for tourists to visit this place is in late spring and early autumn when the heat is tolerable and there could be showers that cool the city.

Art and Culture

The following museums in Sitges can be visited by the tourists:

Cau Ferrat – this has works of Santiago Rusiñol and his contemporary artists. This also exhibits wrought iron collections from all over the world.

Romantic Museum – is housed in an old 18th century building and exhibits a rich Catalan family lifestyle during the Romantic Movement.

Maricel Museum – has a large collection of medieval art.

Zonas de la villa – exhibits artifacts of ancient Iberian settlement as well as a Roman villa.


The popular dish in this place is xató and the ingredients in this are cod, tuna, escarole salad, anchovies, black olives, etc. But the taste is given mainly by the sauce made from scalded chilies, garlic, toasted almonds, olive oil, vinegar, salt and hot peppers.

Sports and Entertainment

This city has a total of 17 sand beaches where tourists can spend their time. In addition there are a number of marinas and golf courses existing in this city. The marinas have different nautical activities; many companies have adventure programs like hiking, potholing and climbing. Motor racing is very popular in this city. Events have been organized from 1908-1920 on public roads.

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