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So What Are You Going to Do?

So Whatcha Whatcha Gonna DO? Earth day turns the big 4-0 today…I had no idea ED and I were so close in age however I do remember going to Earth Day concerts in Golden Gate Park in San Fran back in the 90’s. Who can tell me who headlined cuz I haven’t a clue….

I was unconsciously conscious for recycling all of my clothing in those days.

Yep, simply being selfish and clever enough to figure out how to get my fashion fix. Recycling your clothing was just stupid smart for me…

Did you know that celebrities and socialites sell their clothing? Accidentally green without even knowing it. Still counts. If celebs/socialites turn their wardrobe for a buck and a new bag shouldn’t you too? That’s how they stay rich right?

I am about to share one of my BIGGEST secret weapons on the West coast. Want to know where to go to recycle your post loved labels while perhaps picking up this season’s Mui Mui at resale prices? (you heard me correct, this season’s Mui Mui at resale pricing?) Like No Way???—Way!

Decades Two-Where high end meets reality–Not can’t afford fantasy.

Imagine owning a Stella McCartney blouse for $140 and then selling it next season for Stella’s 2011 collection?

Unless it’s a major archival piece. I.E Birkin bag, Alexander Mcqueen’s last collection or a Chanel pochette you want to pass down to your daughter/goddaughter. Like the Beatles sing- “LET IT GO” OK “LET IT BE”…. Why you gotta hold on? When you won’t be here as long as all the clothing you’re collecting/hoarding? I mean right?

Feeling blocked in your life? Go sell your clothes, guarantee you won’t want any of them when you see what you want now. Super BIG P.S-Decades Two is only for your high level labels and you must make an appt first.

Here’s the deal, after 3 years your most coveted designers begin losing resale value. Can it be reworked for a more current fit? Absofrickinlutely! but that’s a another email. Stay Tuned. But what if you are coveting this season’s Bottega? How you gonna get it in these times? Get smart and sell off your old favorites in pursuit of your new ones..

Money recycled back into your clothing budget? GOOD for the planet! GOOD for you!

Speaking of the planet, please watch this video I shot for Living Well.’s new green channel and SHARE with your Facebook family and friends.

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