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Street Photography – Magic Moments

Street photography is a special domain of photography and refers to the art of taking photographs of people in public places, the most common location being the street, hence the name. Most of the times, the pictures are somewhat snapshots, candid photos taken without the knowledge or the participation of the subject or subjects. It is one of the most nonconformist and unusual types of photography, without any formalized norms or rules. Street photographers have that special talent of seeing a perfect image wherever they go, finding the perfect angles in the knack of a second.

Talent and Education

In this type of photography, more than anywhere else, talent is crucial and definitely more important than education or experience. Of course, like a good photographer in any domain, you have to know how to setup your camera and press the shutter, but street photography is more about seeing than doing. Street photographers are always prepared to capture the magic of the moment whenever and wherever they see it. Although it helps to be experienced in this field and have a deep grasp of the rules of photography, the more unusual and different your photography is, the better. Almost every photographer has his own way of seeing the world.

Street photography is most often defined by the characteristic of candidness, which means that the subjects do not expect to be photographed. But this does not mean by far that the pictures are taken randomly and without any preparation. It takes a good artistic eye and creativity in order to see a good photo opportunity even before it happens. This does not mean that education does not help and if you can take some workshops with the best street photographers, it will surely improve your results.

Technique and Equipment

Compared to other types of photography, street photography does not rely so heavily on the general rules of photography or the quality of the equipment you use. It is based more on the feeling it creates, the symbols it expresses. The best street photographs are usually the most unusual ones, with different angles and positions, that break the traditional rules. One could theoretically do this type of photography with good point and shoot cameras, but the best results are usually achieved with small SLR cameras or rangefinder cameras.

Although usually the fixed focal lenses yield the best results, it is preferably to have a zoom telephoto lens, but a fast one, that can reach distant scenes and snap quick pictures. The street photographer has to be able to move quickly and stealthy, to be able to adapt to any situation encountered on the street.

Seizing the Magic of the Moment

In street photography, the hardest thing to do is find the magic in every and any scene, seeing what no other can see, beyond the usual and mundane things and action of a day. There is a good photograph in any place and moment, but it takes a great photographer to see it and transform it into magic.

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