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Suits For Younger People

Men’s suits are varied and diverse, with a quality ensemble costing anywhere from €500 to €1,000 or more. Sold in both ready-to-wear and bespoke (custom) varieties, a well-crafted suit will last its wearer for years. People do scrutinize the fit and cut of a suit, so it makes sense to know these garments inside and out before purchasing one.

For obvious reasons, getting every suit tailor-made would be the ultimate solution, but unfortunately it isn’t always feasible. Pricing is usually a deciding factor, so like many of us you are left purchasing suits off the rack.

It can be very difficult for a young person to know exactly what style to go with when buying a suit. They may not understand what suits their complexion, what styles are in fashion at present and how to get the best quality suit of the budget that they may have.

Younger people will normally look for suits that are under the 200 euro mark. With less disposable income, it is necessary to keep this sort of a budget.

The good news is that there is a lot of great bargains to be had below the 200 euro mark. If the 200 euro mark is stretching your budget, give the aul parents a try and see do they give you any money towards a suit.

Remember that you may need the suit for lots of occasions so buying one that is too cheap may not be the most sensible of ideas. Avoid 100 percent polyester suits and go for one with a wool blend. Nowadays there are good ranges of wool blend suits available for under 150 euro.

Younger people are usually slimmer and more athletic than the mature selector. It is probably best to avoid suit brands that are loose fitting and extra corpulent because their target market is more of a fuller figure.

Foreign Suits

German suits are renowned for their quality but they are a little on the large side with the exception of the higher fashion German brands such as Hugo Boss.

Italian suits are notable for their sharp fit and luxurious fabrics but trust me any young guy on a budget will not be able to afford a genuinely Italian suit.

Brands from Britain and Denmark tend to have a neat cut that suits the younger male and of course some of the Spanish brands such as Zara are very youth appropriate. The current trend in the mainstream suit brands is towards a slimmer cut anyway so it means a lot of these traditional, classical brands will suit the younger man.

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