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Table Lamp For Less Than $50

So you think that a table lamp is always worth $100 a piece. In your mind you cannot find a lampshade that looks so nice and performs really well if it is cheap. But what if you can find an inexpensive lighting fixture for your table that adds beauty and illumination for your room?

Buying an economical lamp, on a budget…

Unless you are a millionaire who spends offensively when decorating their summer homes and winter cottages, you as a regular and thrifty individual have a specific allocation. You cannot go beyond on what you have financially planned for.

As for your table lamp, your budget for it, to decorate your home, is less than $50. Let us say, you will have to revamp your living room and you will need 1 hanging shade at the middle of the room, 2 standing lamps beside your 3-seater couch and 2 lights each on the side tables. So all in all, you can only spend $300. Trim down that figure down to $250. 5 lamps for $250. This will be a welcome challenge! If it can be lesser than that, then, superb!

The secret here is finding the right style or type of lamp. Is your living room classic or traditional? Artsy? Modern? Victorian?

Living room table lamp and more…

Most living room designs these days, especially those with kids or pets, are no frills and no edges. It has to be child and pet friendly, that is if you have furry babies too. So most probably the furniture is rounded, soft couches paired with circular tables – the usual.

Low-priced hanging lamps, seriously?

For a hanging or ceiling lamp, it is nice to use contemporary styles like Eglo Lighting’s 20445A Rovigo – Five Light Chandelier. It is ultra-discounted in an auction website for $44.99. It used to be $657. Big savings for you!

For the side tables…

A nice table lamp is the Dollhouse Miniature Bentham tulip design from Houseworks. It is priced at $20.95 from an auction site. Aside from it matching the Rovigo Chandelier, the Dollhouse tulip lighting is steady on the table and will not be easily knocked down by your toddler. It has no sharp points that might hurt your little one. To avoid accidents, that is.

Now, standing lampshades…

This is where the real challenge is, finding standing lamps that cost $50 or less. There are many pieces out there that can deliver in terms of function but it is really pricey unlike the table lamp. The normal range is about $100 to $170. It is even more lavish if you want those gorgeous lamps – at least $400 each. Now, breathe in. There are lamps for $50 and that is for sure.

Contemporary standing lampshades like the Incandescent Torchiere from Normande Lighting costs $39.99. Less than $50!!! And what’s nice about this is that it pairs with Rovigo and Dollhouse and yet it came from different manufacturers. You get to pay a total of $166.37. Your budget was $250 so in short, mission accomplished!

You will be able to find many reduced-priced floor lamps, ceiling lamps and table lamp. It will be better if you look for it online. Just be patient while browsing through the different categories. You will find what you are looking for.

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