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Tailored Suit Measuring and Fitting

Tailored suit fitting and measuring are mostly conducted using computer-aided system.

The process works in the following way:

  • First you choose from makes of tailored suit ‘Traditional’, ‘Traditional Full Canvas’ or ‘Handmade’ then choose the fabric and linen.
  • Make an appointment for careful measuring for your chosen suit
  • Your measurements are input into our computer system to create your individual customer profile
  • Your made-to-measure computer-generated profile is sent to Italy for fabric cutting however it is not always the case
  • Your suit is then returned within 3 to 6 weeks – ready for your collection

The Traditional make

  • The suits chest section should mould itself to the wearer’s chest
  • There should be a construction with a number of canvas layers interwoven with horsehair to shape the chest-piece
  • Made from natural material that gives and maintains shape while horsehair is used as it reverts quickly back to shape.
  • The entire suit front should have very thin ‘skinning’ layer applied to the outer material, reinforcement that gives the material stability.

The traditional full canvas make

  • The main advantage of this is that the weight of the jacket is reduced and it has a softer feel, increasing comfort
  • The whole front piece consists of canvas interwoven with horsehair


Handmade suits consist of additional hand-crafted features such as

  • lining attachment in the arm hole
  • collar attachment
  • lining attachment in the shoulder seam
  • labels
  • box-pleated waist band in the trousers
  • rounded breast pocket

The type of suit often defines a man because it reflects the taste and personality. Men’s suits today are like women’s dresses have always been – used to reflect the self-image. Tailored Suits are designed in many styles, for many occasions, and in various colours and sizes.

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