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Taking Care of Linen Clothing

Linen is a fabric that has been in our use from centuries in many styles of clothing. Linen is made from the stack of the flax plant and has long lasting fibres. It is extracted from the stalk of the flax plants and has durable fibres.

Linen is famous for wrinkle resistance and has its own attractiveness. If you take care of your linen clothes, they can retain its attractiveness and crispness in excellent condition for years.

When looking forward towards washing clothes, you must go through its labels and read the instructions given. Linen is absolutely effortless to launder. Care must be taken while washing if it includes a blend of other garments with it. The best ways to keep your linen clothes fit, you must dry clean them. Dry cleaning renovates the crusty shape and perfect finish of linen.

You can use some basic tips to keep your linen clothing in the best condition.

• Washing: Most people prefer to wash linen at their homes rather than dry cleaning the linen garments, table linen and bedcovers. However, in order to clean linen draperies, dry cleaning is preferred because of its potential of shrinkage in length. The more you wash this fabric the softer, absorbent and radiant it gets. Whether we are hand washing or in machine wash we must be gentle and use mild soap.

• Drying: For drying linen, several methods are recommended including line dry, machine dry, rolling the fabric in tolling towels, drying on the lawn, etc. No matter what methods you use, bring it inside while it is mildly damp. If you will let it dry out in the sun, it will become brittle and may take hours to regain its natural softness and moisture. You are advised not to squeeze the fabric while it is wet as it breaks its fibres. The sunlight has the ability to bleach the white linen white and kills bacteria giving you a pleasant smell and brilliant colour.

• Rejuvenating: Linen is difficult to be dyed in different shades. You can renew the colour and shine of your black linen by washing it with a dose of fabric bluing in rinse water. Bluing is easily available at laundry sections of stores.

• Ironing: Ironing linen is often not obligatory when dried flat or tumble on low heat. If you want to deal with it easily, do it while linen is mildly damp. Steam ironing the dry linen results in less effectiveness and requires more effort. You can also spray starch to retain the crispness of napkins. To give a soft look to your garments, utilize fabric sizing.

• Storing linen: You must always clean the place before storing it as dirty linen encourages mildew. In order to prevent mildew, there must be a source of ventilation or light. Unfortunately, if you get mildew on your linen garments, soak it in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and wash it properly. Linen garments can be stored in a well-ventilated place.

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