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Taking Proper Motorcycle Jacket Measurements

Purchasing a new motorcycle jacket can be a very exciting experience, but can also go horribly wrong if you don’t get the right size the first time you order. Here is a simple guide to help you take the proper motorcycle jacket measurements.

Ordering the right size motorcycle jacket is crucial if you want to avoid the hassle of having to ship the jacket back in order to get the proper size. Not only does it take a lot more time to get the jacket you want, but it can also end up costing you more in the long run.

You might have to pay return shipping in order to send the original jacket back. Plus, you might have to pay additional shipping to have the new jacket sent to you. All of this hassle can be avoided if you take the steps necessary in order to ensure that you get the right jacket the first time you order.

If you don’t have someone who can take the measurements for you, then you might want to visit a local dress, suit, or tux shop in order to have a professional do it for you. Most of the time they will be willing to do it for free.

Using a soft or cloth measuring tape, take the following measurements:

1. Measure from the back of the neck at the base over the shoulder down the side of the arm to the middle area of the back of your hand. You might even consider measuring down to the knuckles if you feel you might want more length in the arm.

2. Measure from shoulder edge to shoulder edge, crossing over the base of the neck and not straight across the back.

3. Measure entirely around the body at your chest, and then measure around your body at your waist.

When you have these measurements taken, you should have enough to give you the most accurate result when it comes to choosing the proper size jacket based on sizing chart recommendations for each store that you shop at.

One thing to keep in mind when using sizing charts is to always add any extra length or width that is recommended by the store in order to leave enough room for clothing that you might be wearing underneath your jacket.

When you take the proper size measurements correctly the first time and do what it takes to ensure that you get the right size jacket, you can avoid timely delays and extra charges before finally receiving the right motorcycle jacket.

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