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Tearing Up Pages From Old Books Can Make You Money

I guess if I told you to start tearing up books, magazines, etc a flash goes across your mind of being told off by your parents when you were a child when you pulled pages out of books, or decided to cut out some pictures. But I am telling you, now you are an adult you can tear out pages and cut out pictures.

Now I am not talking about just pulling a book of the shelf and rip out the pages, and put them on eBay. No the books, magazines do need to be picked but if you pick the right book /magazine you can make some very good money and start a great life sourcing these books and magazines.

There are many reasons why people source and buy these pages out of old books and magazines:

– Research projects for school and college.

– Family Tree research.

– Just to bring back memories.

– Home decor reasons, some of these pictures from old books and magazines look very good in frames.

– Scrap Booking People

The types of books and magazines that provide the best items to “tear” are the older ones, as they contain very beautiful pictures and great adverts that people crave and come to sites such as eBay to buy time and time again. Now please do not discount the more modern book, but be aware that you will not get as much money as you can from the older books. And also the older books and magazines often contain more pictures and full page adverts than our modern ones do.

So How Do You Make Money?

Let us say you have just bought an old bird book from a garage sale and it is full of wonderful colour and black and white pictures. You count up and there are around 75 full colour pictures and around 30 black and white pictures.

The book cost you $5.00 and in your mind you think I can flip this and sell it for $20.00 and make a cool $15.00. Yes you can do this and rinse and repeat and often make good money. But let us think out of the book. The colour pages can sell for $9.99 each and the black and white $4.99 each, so $9.99 * 75 = $749.25, $4.99 * 30 = $149.70, so in total there is a profit potential of $898.95 Yes you could make almost $900.00 for a $5.00.

OK it may take months to sell all the pictures, but they will sell over time, now just rinse and repeat, but more books and list more, and you could add a great product line to your business. Just keep a look out for these wonderful old books with great pictures.

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