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Ten Fun Things You Can Do With a Bigger Penis

Here is a list of a few of the new things that you would be able to do with a bigger penis. The list is not exhaustive and I am quite sure that there are some of you who could reveal some more funny things to do when you get a bigger penis.

1) Dress in tight fitting jeans to astound the ladies. Well that the chief reason that you started penis enlargement wasn’t it. You wished to show off to the women so a pair of tight fitting jeans should reveal the new improved lump even more. Do take care when you bend over as you could well be running home totally embarrassed when your tight pants split open.

2) You can show it off at the public urinals. This is possibly one of the places you avoided before. Well now you can go and loudly whistle your heart out while relieving yourself so all around will see and envy you. Do take care that some gay guy doesn’t decide to make you his partner, and once again avoid bending over for anything, especially if you are dressed up in those tight fitting jeans you bought.

3) Visit the local zoo and have a look how you measure against the other animals of the world. Do please try avoid the elephants section in order that you won’t have to start using those anti depression tablets again.

4) Boast about it at bars. Bars are a good place to boast because most people listen. You may add on some inches as well as they are reasonably used to being told fishermen stories and so anything you claim is totally believable to them. Remember to also relate to your ausience just how you faired at the local zoo, they may be fairly impressed and possibly even buy you drinks.

5) Use it into your pick up chat for the women. “Well I am called Hung and I would like to show you why”. Perhaps, “Howzit, my friends call me Long. Possibly I could reveal to you more about it at my place tonight.”

6) Visit nudist colonies and to public change rooms. Walk proudly around there for as long as it is possible in order that all can observe just what a splendid specimen you have become. Again take heed of the warnings in item 2.

7) Test how many ladies you can take control of. You may want to keep tabs. This could be reasonably great info for boasting at the pub. Or possibly it is best to keep this info private and to yourself. (May be quite embarrassing).

8) See if you can tie a knot. When you are not busy you could practise your knot tying that you used to do at boy scouts. Make sure you are able to untie the knots though.

9) Use it as a hat stand. You always wished for a hook to hang your hat but never managed to find one. Well now you no longer need to. Besides it also is a innovative place to hang your shower soap while taking a shower.

10) To prevent rolling out of bed during the night. Here you may need a tiny bit of help from the famous Viagra. Take half a pill before going to sleep and you won’t be able to roll out of bed again. Take the other half tablet in the AM to help prevent you from peeing into your shoe.

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