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The Beauty of Leather Bar Stools


The best thing about leather bar stools is the fact that they are made out of leather! Leather furniture is the royalty of good style. It makes a room appear classy just because it is present in it.

Leather can come to us from anywhere in the world. Leather furniture specifically, however, comes from tanneries in South America, Germany and Italy. For the leather bar stools in your kitchen to make it to you they went through the four step process of splitting, tanning, coloring and finishing.

Finishing is a very important part of the four step process. Every tanned hide has to go through this step and it is finishing that gives the leather its appearance and texture.

Any leather furniture has one of the following finishes:

Pigment: This finish is the most durable and stain resistant. It is cool to the touch and has an opaque color.

Aniline: Though less stain resistant than pigment, this finish leaves the hide more pliable and warmer to the touch. You can see the natural surface grain and markings on your leather.

Semi-aniline: This finish is a hybrid of aniline and pigment. The result of this is a finish that has uniformity of color, is resistant to stain and is soft to the touch.

When choosing a leather color, keep in mind that the heavier the pigment and the more corrected the grain, the easier it is to care for your leather. A perfect example of heavy pigment is dark brown leather bar stools. They can hide dirt, stains and aging much better than a leather with a light pigment.

Good leather will bear the signs of a well lived life. The nicks that may be unacceptable in other furniture are valued in leather furniture. They prove that the leather is genuine and has survived many years of use. So don’t worry about those marks on your leather bar stools. They only increase your leathers value!



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